Friday, June 3, 2022

TLS 0.61.1 Public Release

New update is public! I see all you in the comments. ^-^


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

See the previous post for the full notes on this one. Not quite the update I originally intended, but the one I think will best keep the game moving forward. And it includes a new harem quest that has been quite well-received so far. ^-^


  1. hope everything is going better for ya this week!

  2. Haven't done much yet but I just saw the Bar scene in Philon and...

    That art, the conversation, and the music just blend together so beautifully. When the art shifted to Simon and Orcent smiling at one another and the last two lines that ended the conversation, I could feel myself tearing up. TToTT

    Orcent has come such a long way and it's so heartwarming seeing his development.

    1. I'm glad to hear this. ^-^ There isn't a lot of SFW art for scenes, but I felt like Orcent and Simon deserved something and this was the moment for it.

  3. Hello, I am being plagued with this error:

    Yanfly System Options:1350:in `se_play': No such file or directory - Audio/SE/Cursor2, Errno::ENOENT
    from Yanfly System Options:1350:in `play'
    from Sound:12:in `play_system_sound'
    from Sound:17:in `play_cursor'
    from Yanfly Core Engine:822:in `process_cursor_move'
    from Window_Selectable:275:in `update'
    from Scene_Base:95:in `block in update_all_windows'
    from Scene_Base:93:in `each'
    from Scene_Base:93:in `update_all_windows'
    from Scene_Base:49:in `update_basic'
    from Scene_Base:41:in `update'
    from Scene_Base:14:in `main'
    from SceneManager:23:in `run'
    from Main:8:in `block in '

    Do you know of a way for me to fix this?

    1. It looks like you're missing some files. This is probably because you don't have the RTP package installed for RPG Maker VX Ace. You should either install it or download the RTP version of TLS, which is larger but includes all of the necessary files.

    2. Yeah, that error message is saying that a basic sound effect file is missing. There's no way that can just happen by accident. Getting the RTP package is probably the first thing to try, but if not, try a fresh download to see if the previous was mangled.

  4. best game ever, hopes theres a few more chapters left maybe 10 :D, not something i want to see end :(

    1. Glad you're enjoying it! We are moving close to the end now, because I think it's better to conclude in a satisfying way that persist too long. However, I've always promised that the ending will be comprehensive, so we're not there yet!

  5. Petition to name Qum's school "The Qum Dum'pe Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too"

    Also completely random lore question: Did Esthera ever "father" any children? (in the sense she impregnated another succubus instead of carrying the pregnancy herself)

    1. Haha. ^-^ I actually did consider letting the player choose names but decided the mechanism would be too limited or awkward.

      Esthera has, yes. She doesn't distinguish very strongly between the two methods, because her sexual magic is dominant in any case.

  6. I wonder if we will get to invest/otherwise interact with the Wilds craftsmen. I'd like to meet the people who can make weapons and armour which are, while a bit specialized, superior to Sublime stuff sourced from across the world and enchanted by the otherworldly entity in that specialty, all at less that half the price.

    1. The Wilds was meant to be the last true store, and a bit of a catchup for players who aren't as optimized. Based on the reactions, however, I may have gone a bit overboard.

  7. Hi Sierra, I played the new version and the OEE full release, but the detailed review for them will have to be delayed for later sadly (I still don't have wifi after a full week and it will probably last one more). See ya !!!!

    1. No problem, I'll look forward to your thoughts when you have a better internet situation!

    2. Hi !!! It finally works !!! Sure took a while.
      Anyways, let's begin.

      TLS : - Yay, we finally have the teleport room fully unlocked !!!! My completionist TOC is satisfied ^^.

      - Simon said that he couldn't develop his Tower magic during his jail time. Is it because as a true neutral he has no talent or is it because he didn't delve deep into one path (purity/lust) ? Also, you said earlier that the Lustlord transformation was due to his profound influence on his shard. Now that Simon has fully integrated and neutralized them, can he do the same ?

      - Hahahahaha, when I opened the building an saw a dozen of Qum running around, my first thought was "F*ck, what have I done ?" XD The world can't survive so much cuteness, LOL XD

      - It was very nice on your part to let Qum save Prettysparkle. She helped her before she became like her. It's something to rejoice and something to be sad. Made me a little sad that we weren't able to save her in her childhood. At least she have many friends now. Better late than never.

      - About the base details, I only found Neranda statue next to the Iron Cudgel and the shield of Tak'kan next to Balia, is it the only one for now ? And is it still impossible to change the stone floor and exterior walls in the garden ?

      - In the library, Orilise says that we will be able to get our hands eveltually on Ulrissa books. Is she suggesting that she will totally come to our side as an ally, or that Simon charm will get the better of her ? XD

      - Village SE-11, huh..... Efficient, but a bit sad for a name, really. Really nice track ^^. The big frowning furballs (wolloths is it ?) kinda reminds me of Shar Pei dogs with bangs (and fur) (Shar Pei are the dogs with really loose wrinkled skin). If they had longer hanging ears, they would have been Basset Hounds XD

      - What race are the Philonese ? They have animal characteristic but I don't think they are like (furry) Zirantians. At least I hadn't seen a centaur in Zirantia before. Maybe a common ancestor who branched in two separate races, or an exodus ?

      - As always, the art is nice ^^ I require a daily mammal pile !!!! I just need to convince my family...... A dogpile is funnier though XD

      - The succubus child born with anti-sexual magic.... When Qum hug her, is it the same feeling as with Dari ?

      - Still no way of recruiting Beatrice after the Ivala crystal failure ?

      - When I entered the half assed saving screen (you really half assed it this time XD), I could only imagine what Simon and Co would feel, abandoned in an endless void for an entire month to wait for the next update XD

    3. OEA :- Okay, after hitting on the typical JRPG protagonist (Bye Kail), you decided to take on the Female protagonist and her endless harassers. Never really liked/played these type of games. I prefer when I have the choice of fighting through the whole way without being "corrupted". Girls power !!! Someone tries to rape you ? Stab him with a knife !!!! Alas there are very few games when you can make this choice, sadly.

      - I found Hood and Fenris a bit cruel when they dropped Ingrid back in her Tale. When you gain self awareness, staying here is hell. Especially when you're the target of gangbangs *shivers with disgust*

      - It took time for me to understand how the archetypes worked. It's a pretty complicated system, but very complete !!!

      - I apologize if it seems rude, but I can't help but wonder how Ingrid can touch herself without scratching herself. have you seen the size of her nails ?

      - I have a small suggestion. Would it be possible to add a color or something to the cursor in the dance minigame ? I kept failing because I though I needed to follow the decreasing bar (so from the right to the left). Adding a color to the cursor would make him more noticeable.

      - I wonder how exactly Ingrid merge worked. Is it like a possession ? Having another set of memories ? Or are they clearly separated ? Can she interact with the outside ? I wonder how it feels too. Is it like seeing another you from an alternate timeline ? Or having a delinquant older sister who made bad choices in her life ?

      - I can totally understand why Slasher Ingrid snapped. In her case I probably would have gone insane too (I still hope I wouldn't have gone on a murder spree)

      - I really liked the chibis ^^ They were so cuuutee !!!

      - I really liked the cameo ^^ But when does it happen ? During her sparkle overdose ? Ulfina and her are really similar by the way. A pure innocence. Comparatively, Ulfina suffered more. Qum was just bored when she stayed at Feroholm.

      - After the end of TLS, will there be leads/mentions of the extended universe ? It would be nice to explore the Fables. Will there be another game to expand this concept ?

      - A bit surpised there was no significant broom jokes.

      - It's hard to escape your essence, we've seen it first hand with Ingrid. The Tale forces you into a Role. Reminds me of IRL. We're being forced into a role, wheter it is in the family, the work, or with friends. We're swapping masks, to the extent that we're no longer able to know who is our real "selves".

    4. - About the quest "Good Girls". First, I completely wrecked it because that's what you get when you mess with Ulfina !!! and I particularly dislike when someone tells me what to do, especially when it's a mighty and arrogant entity. Probably my rebellious side. Anyways, it's marked as complete even though I relentlessly failed every point. Shouldn't it be marked as failed ?

      - I wonder which Fable influenced Fenris.... The style of his clothes seems eastern and he was considered as a wolf demon ? Maybe it was a Youkai story ? (About Youkai, I recommend reading the webtoon Erma. What happens when the ghost from The Ring falls in love with a human and have a child. It's sooo cuuuteeee !!!!)

      - Feels bad for Hood story. When your archetype is called Victim, you already know it's not gonna be pleasant. And I agree ; sometimes, poisonous relashionships are worse than simple torture, because when you're tortured, you can hate and fear the perpetrator. When you're emotionally manipulated, it's much harder to stay who you are and not change into someone you don't recognize. I particularily like how she handled Frieda accusation : yes she killed and absorbed the essence of someone but it was to survive and she didn't kill more people later to become stronger. I respect that.

      - *After learning regeneration* Team : Wow, you're pretty beaten up Wilhelm, are you alright ? Wilhelm : I'm fine, I'll just walk it off. *Spends 2 minutes running in circles* XD

      - I ship the champion and Brunhilde. Good luck conquering her !!!! By the way, why does every enlarged character look so blurry ?

      - When you talked about Dreamers, I first though it was some Chtululu things. Instead we have delusional NEETs with psychopatic tendencies, chunibyouu, megalomania, and TOC. Not sure which I prefer. At least with Chtululu the world is destroyed without too much mess.

      - That moment where Ulfina is purer than her creator.... She still forgive him. But it's nice she was able to lash at him when he tried to hurt her friends.

      - Messing with the Storyteller reminded me of the games where you mess with the narrator XD (Dude Stop and There Is No Game - Wrong Dimension are very good examples XD)

      - The first ending was a bit bitter. I mean, it's not a bad ending like Odin Sphere (everyone dies and the world is destroyed) but it still wasn't the greatest : everyone is separated, the Dreamers are still dominant and mad at you, and you stay into the same cluster of closed Tales which means you have few options to escape. The second was way better XD "Why am I the grandma ?" LOL

      - These moments of pure despair were pretty fun too ^^ "No my armor !!! Not again !!!!" XD The discussion about Whilelm "enlargment" was priceless (and slightly disgusting) "His blood amount isn't enough. It also has the risk of falling off." XD LOL

      - The explanations about spheres wasn't really clear. The first sphere is the alternate versions of your Tale, right ? What about the others ?

      - Yay, more bar crawl !!! I hate the taste of alcohol so I don't drink it, but I applaud Ingrid for trying to change herself. Go girl !!!

      - And to conclude, here is a quick summary of the story : Damn, it sure was LONG and HARD !!! XD

      I'm sure I've forgotten more than half of what I wanted to say but it's fine (probably). Until the next update !!!

    5. Ah, yes, almost forgotten : Bloody (Hell) Ingrid have a strong resemblance with Lizzie. You sure love psychopatic yandere who get saved with love, right ? XD

    6. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts! I'm glad you enjoyed both the update and the new game. ^-^

      Simon couldn't develop Tower magic mostly due to the effect of the prison. As mentioned earlier, it stretches out the soul and doesn't actually give it more time to develop.

      I've been waiting to write Prettysparkle for a long time. ^-^

      Base details depend on country stats. Garden still isn't modifiable and I don't plan to mess with this system again.

      The Philonese are largely Zirantian, just a different ethnic group.

      The anti-magic succubus child isn't anywhere near as extreme as an Unwoman, but seems very strange to the average succubus.

    7. Now, on to OEA...

      I actually did discuss the length of Ingrid's nails with Cres, but she really likes drawing pretty nails. So Ingrid just has to be very careful, haha.

      The cameo is "not a cannon" and does not exist in the TLS timeline. But since the OEA setting is a universe of stories, it's the place for cameos.

      Enlarged characters are base sprites that have been refactored larger, but that shouldn't include the Champion, since he has custom sprite work.

      Some of your questions will have to wait for OEA2, if I ever create it. No promises.

    8. Ah, when I was talking about blurry sprite, it was the roaming ones, not the combat ones. Tertia has the same problem.

    9. >About the role of the wolves and the differences between each Fables, it made me think of 2 games.
      - The first is called Little Red Lie where your grandma, the Witch from Hansel and Gretel, reincarnated as the Wolf due to her desire to devour more childrens. Pretty twisted.
      - The second, which I don't remember the name of, is about controlling Hood by screaming directions, and where the Wolf is the Woodsman who followed you into the woods to try to assault you. You have the pleasure of swinging his own axe in his face to get revenge for your grandma and your own trauma.

      >Also in regard of the Cheerful Tale and Bangville I found both of them similarily twisted. Although silly at first, Bangville is deeply disturbing with its treatement of the female protagonist, which lead Psycho Ingrid to hammer down on all of them that consent is the most important. On the contrarily, the Cheerful Tale is wholesome and nice, but tries to grind the personnality of those who stay to long into a happy nothingness of loving stupidity. Both of them attack the mind with frigthening ways.

    10. Yeah, the issue is just that upscaling other sprites isn't perfect.

      I haven't actually played either of the takes you mention, but one of the interesting things about fairy tales is just how many different ways they've been reinterpreted. Playing with that was one of my motives going into this idea.

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  9. Hey I think I found a bug. During the 1st Gathering (Party Split - Yarras Route) you can walk through the new Rodak Stones or Symbols or whatever you call them in the open area between the dormitories.

    1. the same applies to the pillars in the Endgames during the gathering.

    2. Very likely... yes, I see an error on those tilesets. Hopefully fixed, thanks!

  10. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug or intended but I got to the part at the start of chapter 4 where you go into the Tower for the first part Riala says she stays behind to make sure everything remains stable, but after I got into the tower I could still use her as a party member and she got XP as well. The reason i think it is a bug since I get a message from Riala when I first activate one of the pillars indicating she shouldn't be here in the Tower yet.

    1. Hi there. Ordinarily I'm happy for user reports, but I have to be honest: I don't recall the exact mechanisms of this part and would need a while to confirm. Would you please mention this on the forum or Discord so other players can check?

  11. Hey Sierra, I don't know if you're still doing anymore Orcent bar conversations, but if you are I'd like to suggest one.

    My suggestion is to make one with Simon, Orcent, Iris, and Kara, as a follow-up to that conversation between Iris and Orcent where they expressed some mutual attraction to each other due to their compatibility back in the Erosian War, but ultimately dismissed it over mixed feelings regarding their respective partners not being included in that conversation at the time. Since the bar conversations are often an opportunity to reexamine some of the game's themes without retconning them, I think they could be a neat way of giving some closure to that plot thread even if nothing else comes out of it.

    Aside from the characters' personal feelings on the matter, I think it could be interesting if the conversation could go over any of the following topics:

    a) The relationship between "commitment" and "exclusivity" and if/how that relationship can change based on the circumstances. For example, if it makes sense for exclusivity to be more of a requirement for commitment in a mortal lifespan (assuming that's still the endgame for Orcent's story) as a way of maximizing experiences shared given the limited time, and if exclusivity is any kind of requirement for commitment between immortals. Also Iris' thoughts may be interesting given succubi shorter lifespans and that she was already fairly old before meeting Simon and that she spent many years "commited" to someone like the Incubus Emperor.

    b) How succubus society treats the idea of commitment and exclusivity. This was already approached before in a conversation between Carina and Nalili in chapter 2, but in retrospect I kinda wander if Nalili wasn't biased since she grew under her mother's rule. Worse IKs would often demand and enforce one-sided exclusiviness from their harem, and while that wouldn't be relevant for the majority of succubi population who would never even meet their IK, I wonder if that ever caused conflicting feelings for the succubi that did rise to their IK's harem and then had conflicting thoughts on what they expected a commited relationship to mean and what was demanded of them in service of their IK (once again something Iris could comment on, given her role in the Incubus Emperor's rule).

    P.S: I just wanted to point out that the Erosian War conversation plays out the exact same way even if Kara and Orcent never got together, I get that in that scenario Orcent and Lucy are still in somewhat uncertain terms, but it is a bit weird given that by then they would have been on a break for a little over 2 years. Even if most players avoid that scenario, I hope a conclusion is made at some point.

    1. While I finished the main arc I intended with Orcent's conversations, there could always be more if I felt like it. No guarantees, but I agree that some of these themes and elements might be interesting to revisit.