Friday, January 25, 2019

TLS 0.41.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.41.0
Core Updates
 - Significant synod overhaul. (see details below)
 - Entire world updated based on synod results.
 - 4 new plot scenes, 3 new affection scenes.
 - Sarai can now join, depending on your synod results.
 - Orilise can now be maxed, depending on your synod results.
Synod Overhaul
 - More speakers added to the votes in the latter half (flavor only).
 - Zirantia now sends a representative. He's mostly flavor, but he influences the last vote.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Ignias's support increased.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Simon speaking now grants an additional bonus.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Nabith + Sanitation Guild bonus improved.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Kerannii's deal has an impact on her results.
 - Fucklord Vote: Kerannii's deal now has a greater impact.
 - Economic Vote: The cost now varies based on the Religion stat.
 - Eustrin Vote: There is now a new option to spend additional influence on this vote.
 - Eustrin Vote: The result requirements have been tweaked.
 - Goddess of Magic Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
 - Goddess of Magic Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
 - Mother's Guard Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
 - Mother's Guard Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
 - Inquisition Vote: You can now receive a bonus from Religion, but the requirements increased a little.
 - Succubus Holy Knights: The cost of applying Sarai's influence now varies based on Yelarel's influence.
 - Succubus Holy Knights: The Yelarel bonuses have changed.

TLS 0.41.2 (1/29/19)
 - Lots of polishing and minor variants/fixes, no significant new content added.
 - New scenes added to Reflection menu.
 - There was new content added to the Aramite fort, but it was inaccessible before now.
 - Fixed the bug in the harem menu.

Well... this one is the synod overhaul plus the update to the entire world plus some of the content I was originally planning to put in 0.42.0. There's a lot of work to do: test final synod balance, check many different outcomes, add more content, and polish in preparation for the Steam release. The public release of this version will likely take two weeks, but hopefully the Steam version will occur around that time as well.

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This update isn't the flashiest, but it includes some elements that I've been waiting to do for a long time. I also want the world to really feel responsive to the player's choices, so I intend to keep adding more content based on the decisions you made during the synod.