Friday, August 25, 2017

Version 0.29.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

REMINDER: As this as an extra large update, it will take more than a single week for bugtesting to be complete. See below for a list of changes and expect the public version in a week. It's currently available on Patreon to $1 and up backers.

Version 0.29.0
 - Another double update, both the end of the war and the aftermath.
 - Four new plot sex scenes.
 - Six new affection sex scenes.
 - Decided to increase the speed of buffing skills and trialed it on Carina's. Report if you like it and I can use the same style for other skills that target the entire party.
 - The new section of the game involves splitting the party into three groups for one dungeon. This is only possible thanks to the scripting work of Decanter. Huge thanks to him!

Version 0.29.2 [9/1/17]
 - The orc summit has been made somewhat easier.
 - Hilstara's sequence has been made harder.
 - The number of reserves during the aftermath has been reduced.
 - This section has also been modified to eliminate some bugs, but more checking is necessary.
 - Riala's skills have all been compiled into a single menu.
 - The Unsuccubus Mass image has been improved (thanks to Decanter!).
 - All party buffing animations improved and sped up (thanks to CyberForte!).
 - Many minor bugs/fixes/improvements.

Really came down to the wire, so not a lot to say now. If you want a preview of this version, do check out the screenshots I've posted on various forums (ULMF, for one example). It's currently playable on Patreon, of course. Expect the public version in time, not necessarily a week depending on how long the bug fixing process takes.

I will probably not do many extra large updates like this again in the future. Though I think they let me produce more content per day overall, the additional content doesn't seem to mean anything to a vocal minority. It might be for the best in terms of overall game development again in the future, but in the short term it does not feel worth it. -_-

But that aside, this is a large update that I feel is a satisfying conclusion to the third chapter of the game! I hope everyone enjoys it!