Friday, May 22, 2015

Version 0.8.2 Released!


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the first link.

Version 0.8.2 [5/22/15]
 - New chapter of the game.
 - Five new plot sex scenes.
 - Five new affection sex scenes.
 - See elsewhere for full list of updates.
 - A multitude of minor fixes/improvements from 0.8.0 and 0.8.1.

This is the public release and official name change! Because I've improved a lot of things behind the scenes, old saves will no longer function, but there are new mechanics, redesigned characters, and added bonuses to make your replay fun! This version should be pretty polished, but there's always a chance I added new bugs at the last second, so let me know.

It's going to take me a little while to update everything, so forgive me if a few links are broken in the meantime. Once that's done and I finally sleep, I'll be diving into version 0.9.0 with the next chapter of the game! ^-^

Monday, May 11, 2015

Version 0.8.0 Changelog

Since version 0.8.0 was effectively a revamp in addition to being a new chapter of the game, I put the complete list of all changes here:

Major Changes
 - Yarra has been redesigned with a major art upgrade.
 - Hilstara and Carina also got art upgrades (increased emotional range and new profile image, respectively).
 - I dropped some money on new tiles, NPCs, and other resources. I want each country to have a different look and feel (as you've probably noticed, I used Mack tiles for Yhilin) and now I should be able to distinguish all of them.
 - A character I planned to introduce later now appears in the prologue. You'll also see some new graphics there, which will be relevant far down the road.

 - Game now has a custom title screen and chapter titles.
 - The game now uses custom menus. Nothing fancy, but I think it matches the feel of the game better.
 - Talking to harem members in camp now produces a fancy popup with their information instead of using a text box.
 - Formerly generic NPCs like Ina, Lucy, Kara, and Orcent now have unique sprites and facesets.
 - The shade of Varia's sprite now matches her bust/faceset.
 - A few new facesets now match characters better (for example, succubus leaders no longer use lamia faces).
 - I also gave the Zirantian prostitute and the Givini characters proper non-generator facesets.
 - When traveling on map screens, you now have a movement cursor instead of a normal sprite.
 - Finally got a fog system figured out: maps can now have clouds, fogs, sunlight, and probably many other things. The ones I have may require some tweaking, but I think they make several areas look nicer.
 - Similarly, I'm making better use of VX Ace's weather effects. They don't feel appropriate for too many areas so far, but feel free to leave feedback on this.
 - Did a little remapping to areas that were bland or to make better use of my new tilesets.
 - Massively increased the iconset. This means that all sex skills now have appropriate icons (and some have improved ones). I also changed up some item icons to standardize things (like normal vs heavy armor) and made miscellaneous improvements.

 - We have music that is, if not custom, at least non-default. I'm not going to add what I have recklessly, since it will balloon the file size, but I'll be including new songs as they're needed for added variety.
 - One of those is a new theme song that isn't so heavily used. Hopefully everyone likes it or lets it grow on them, because I really like the feel of it.
 - Battle music now varies. Bosses have a different theme, there's sadder music when you're forced to fight a certain ally, etc.

 - Yarra now presides over a harem management system. Right now it doesn't have a lot of functionality, but it lets you see everyone's profile shots again and keep track of people.
 - There's a quest log system to keep track of all plot and side quests.
 - Sex skills rebalanced, preventing the method that was making combat grindy for some people.
 - Shops now display more information about equipment so purchasing decisions are easier.
 - The text box toggles on and off when you press the Control key.
 - The giver of the mushroom sidequest now takes your mushrooms more efficiently.
 - There's a new battle during the early part of the plot.
 - Robin and Hilstara's exp in Stineford changed slightly. You can still optimize experience, but they won't be as far behind if you get them very late.
 - There are now items that restore SP in combat.
 - New slime enemies provide an optional chance to grind for items.
 - Lots of little notes: Robin/Hilstara comment more in Stineford, story dialogue changes slightly based on optional stuff, etc.
 - Minor balance changes. There's slightly more exp, money, affection points, items, and unique collectibles available than in previous versions.
 - Bunch of minor cosmetic things fixed/improved.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Version History

I'm making a centralized version history since it wastes more time than I expected to update all the threads individually. Dates are written American style: month/day/year.

TLS 0.57.0 [7/24/21]
 - Massive new multi-branching event.
 - Two new scenes, kind of.
 - 17 new illustrated scenes: Aka + Nalili, Carina First Time, Elleani First Time, Lamia Prisoner, Office Orgy, Orcent x Succubus, Qum Maxing, Qum x Futa, Trin + Altina Copies, Varia Gangbang, Yarra x Qum, Yarra x Ogre (+5 affection scenes for Aka, Yarra, and Qum)

TLS 0.56.2 [4/23/21]
 - Few more bugs.

TLS 0.56.1 [4/22/21]
 - Usual bugfixing/polishing.
 - Some new locations have been added for Elleani/Iris, but most are cosmetic, just to signal to players that that they don't need to keep looking someplace.

TLS 0.56.0 [ 4/16/21]
 - New event resolving New Givini and gaining a new harem member.
 - The Palace Staff quest can now be completed. One new staff member added.
 - Iris has her harem quest if maxed (found in Helvanna).
 - After talking to Riala, there are three new challenge bosses throughout the world.
 - Purely flavor: Robin's former roommates have more events after the Third Arclentian War. Mherin can now be found in Stineford. It's possible for Infasis to die in the fighting, otherwise she's in the Academy.
 - If Feroholm or the Stineford Farm were rebuilt, they now have new background music.
 - New conversation between Esthera and Tertia potentially unlocked (variable dependent).
 - Five new sex scenes.
 - 14 new illustrated scenes: Esthera Cunnilingus, Fheliel Blindfolded, Nalili First Time, Nalili Titfuck, Nalili Double Team, Neranda Seated, Orcent x Kara, Restoring Sabitha, Sabitha's POV, Serving the Empress 1-3, Trin x Altina, Trin + Qum
 - 1 new SFW scene, for a chapter interlude.

0.55.4 [2/5/21]
 - New benefits added to final Feroholm investment.
 - Stineford farm sprite changed.
 - Additional NPC in Stineford Farm.
 - Some additional dialogue in Feroholm Church.
 - Yet more minor fixes.

0.55.3 [1/29/21]
New Content
 - If you invested in repairing Feroholm, new maps can now be visited.
 - Same with Stineford Farm, which has different versions depending on whether you chose orcs, succubi, or the poor.
 - Sprite animations can now be viewed en masse via the private rooms staircase in the base.
 - Five new Orcent conversations: Yhilin Guard Bar, Denlak's Bar, The Tower's Backdoor, Orgasmic Cafe, Feroholm (rebuilt only)
 - Four new illustrations: Riala Relaxing, Trin Double Team, Wendis Reunion (x2)
 - Megail has an "investment finder" event in her office, specifically for new investments not in Rodak or the Orgasmic Empire
 - Tertia has a new conversation/investment that affects the price of Rodakan Agriculture.
 - Stenai now includes a new event with Feremina.
 - Gathering Complex Refurbishment price now scales with collateral damage.
 - The Rodakan Order investment likewise scales with collateral damage.
 - A new conversation with the Erosian harem leader now grants an Erosia point.
 - The Helvanna "Succubi in Rodak" investment now grants character points.
 - Ryoken receives a greater number of cosmetic changes as it improves, including new NPCs, new dialogue, and empty houses receiving doors or occupants.
 - Two Erosian NPCs have new dialogue with Ginasta.
 - Herin has moved from the Bloody Spire to Cee'Kan, if she became High Priestess.
 - The Impaler has a new line of dialogue.
 - Doors in Theltiar now animate (thanks to Decanter).
 - Minor new dialogue for the Helvanna Lustlord temple.
 - Minor additional dialogue to map succubus.
 - Truly minor fixes, like typos or tileset corrections, are not listed.

TLS 0.55.2 [1/22/21]
 - More  polishing and bugfixing.
 - A succubus in the Orgasmic Empire library now shows the map of Renthnor.
 - The Renthnor map is added to the teleportation room maps after being viewed.
 - Hilstara RP shifted, Balia RP added to orc investment.
 - Xestris RP added to her first headquarters conversation.

TLS 0.55.1 [1/18/21]
 - Standard pass for fixing and polishing.

TLS 0.55.0 [1/15/21]
 - Open world update, including new income and research
 - Brand new nation: Rodak
 - Many new investments, most in the new nations, but also some scattered around.
 - New content unlocked in Orgasmic Empire, and in Eustrin if you resolved its problems earlier.
 - Eight new text scenes, including six for new harem members
 - Fourteen (!) new illustrated scenes: Carina handjob, Dari blowjob, Dari 69, Ginasta bathing, Hilstara x Galvia, Iris + Megail, Janine cunnilingus, Megail + Hilstara, Robin titfuck, Sarai missionary, Varia chains, Wendis titfuck, Yarra x Fuani
 - Over fifty (!!) new sex sprites! Every harem character now has at least one with Simon, and there are some other combinations as well.

TLS 0.54.2 [10/16/20]
 - Further fixing and polishing.
 - Hopefully final balance on all Gathering checks.

TLS 0.54.1 [10/9/20]
 - Numerous changes.
 - I made some tweaks to the Lustlord fight, trying to make it more challenging without just cranking his stats.

TLS 0.54.0 [10/2/20]
 - New segment finishing the Gathering
 - 2 new scenes
 - Equipment from dead orcs is now given back to you prior to the orc event.
 - More healing for parties in between segments.
 - New character bust art thanks to Lamsey.
 - 4 new illustrated scenes: Aka x Tentacles, Carina + Qum, Iris Doggy, Balia Table

TLS 0.53.3 [9/6/20]
 - Updating primarily to help those with the zero HP bug.
 - Minor bugfixing and polishing.

TLS 0.53.2 [9/4/20]
 - Further bugfixing and polishing.

TLS 0.53.1 [8/31/20]
 - Significant polishing, minor bugfixing.
 - Balance of the orc tournament has become several steps more difficult.
 - Balance of the gauntlet has changed: one piece has become more forgiving, one research option now has an effect, overly simple option removed.

TLS 0.53.0 [8/28/20]
 - Big new section covering the first half of the Gathering.
 - 2 new scenes
 - Added a notification after Chapter 1 to forestall potential confusion over illustrations.
 - 9 new illustrated scenes: Comforting Simon, Janine's Wedding, Orcent Orgy, Robin BJ, Tertia TF, Uyae in Heat, Varia Standing, Varia TF, Wynn Binding

TLS 0.52.2 [7/3/20]
 - Trivial fixing, public release.

TLS 0.52.1 [6/29/20]
 - Minor cleanup.

TLS 0.52.0 [6/26/20]
 - New plot section.
 - Fixed Robin profile thanks to Lamsey.
 - New illustrated scenes: Lynine titfuck, Nalili 69, Orilise luxury, Fuckety Fuck.

TLS 0.51.2 [5/22/20]
 - Final polish.

TLS 0.51.1 [5/20/20]
 - Usual bugfixing and polishing.
 - Assorted balance tweaks: Palina's calculation, more affection for Neranda and Tertia, different bonuses for a Kerannii alliance.
 - The Aramite Embassy investment is no longer dependent on the Ardoheim Embassy.
 - The boss in Aka's quest was tweaked in several directions, but overall buffed.

TLS 0.51.0 [5/15/20]
 - Depending on your decisions, you may be able to unlock a new segment and final state for Eustrin.
 - Aka's personal quest can now be completed.
 - Hilstara has a complete personal quest.
 - The Tower mine has reopened, granting different saves different items. Both regions have been repopulated with a few new fights.
 - Two new scenes, three new affection scenes.
 - Two more scenes that are inaccessible without cheating. Working ahead.
 - If you're still locked out of Ardoheim in Chapter 5, you can now gain access via a payment in Headquarters 1F.
 - If you didn't receive the Crystal of Harmony, it can now be purchased in Ari-Yhilina.
 - If Fheliel's conversation was missed, you can find her in Ryoken.
 - Returning to Wynn's house after the recent transformation will unlock new dialogue (and a new scene).
 - Improved Qum and Megail sex sprites thanks to Decanter.
 - Minor continuity fixes in early content.
 - New Illustrated Scenes: Carina Solo, Altina Blowjob, Megail Doggy, Trin Orgy

TLS 0.50.1 [4/17/20]
 - Fixes and improvements.
 - New CG: Aka/Hilstara
 - A large amount of credit goes to Lamsey and Decanter for helping with the many scripts involved.

TLS 0.50.0 [3/10/20]
 - Grand art update: All scenes in Chapter 1 now have an illustrated image!
 - Total added: 28 scenes, 5 joke scenes (52 images total)

TLS 0.49.2 [2/28/20]
 - Zirantian leaders now report on the state of their nation. This can potentially unlock the new Biyue scene.
 - The Stineford succubus bar is now available if missed, and can be visited as a new map, but only going through the improved iterate event mentioned below.
 - Min now appears in the Givino Vinai Court.
 - Antarian now appears in Ardford Cathedral.
 - Nabith now has a new conversation when first spoken to in Chapter 5 (with Yhilin Final).
 - More variant dialogue has been added, notably in Ardford Business District and Orri's Restaurant.
 - The physical condition of Ryoken now varies based on Erosia's  country score.
 - Retroactive: The Ramasta Unperson HQ now visually improves if Gawnfall helped the Unpeople.
 - Lynine and Iris have conversations that increase their RP if you investigate their funded investments.
 - Serious improvements have been made to the Chapter 5 iterate event, including more potential RP for Tertia.
 - Quest objective bugs fixed (only if you repeat the events).
 - The Duelist's Pin can now be enchanted in Ghenalon.
 - The costs for a number of investments have decreased, some based on past decisions.
 - Sublime equipment is in some cases more expensive, but overall buffed.
 - Sublime equipment now has unique icons.
 - Assorted minor changes, fixes, and improvements.

TLS 0.49.0 [2/21/20]
 - Complete world overhaul for Chapter 5.
 - Access to new nations: Erosia, Ghenalon, and Tatseni.
 - Up to three new harem members (depending on your decisions).
 - Several potential new staff members (heavily decision-dependent).
 - Seven new plot scenes, plus four new affection scenes.
 - Four new synergy skills.
 - Three new Orcent conversations/events.
 - Assorted minor retroactive changes. Yhilini civilians comment on the Thenoursan War, the monster patrol investment has some cosmetic NPCs, etc.

TLS 0.48.2 [1/17/20]
 - Further bugfixes, minor dialogue additions.
 - Optional battle further nerfed.
 - Quest log updated to include recent events.

TLS 0.48.1 [1/12/20]
 - Assorted typos and minor bugfixes.
 - Tweaks to the optional enemies. Mostly nerfs, but the easiest method of cheesing them is now gone.

TLS 0.48.0 [1/10/20]
 - New section covering Eustrin and more.
 - One new scene.

TLS 0.47.2 [11/22/19]
 - Further fixes.

TLS 0.47.1 [11/18/19]
 - Bugfixing, typos, and minor improvements.
 - The self-destruct attack now works, thanks to Decanter.
 - The Ledger is now updated to the new version.
 - Sprite animations now play when you access the bed.

TLS 0.47.0 [11/15/19]
 - Big Stineford update!
 - Two new scenes, including the longest in the game by a fair margin.
 - The first final party member sidequest is introduced, though it can't be finished yet.

TLS 0.46.2 [10/11/19]
 - Minor fixes.
 - Improved chapter iteration thanks to Decanter.

TLS 0.46.0 [10/4/19]
 - New section beginning the last chapter.
 - Seven new skills.
 - Investment list/ledger reorganized by region.

TLS 0.45.2 [9/13/19]
 - Minor touchup.

TLS 0.45.1 [9/8/19]
 - For once, I think there were no true bug fixes. Some improvements and minor graphic things, though.
 - Lots of new dialogue.

TLS 0.45.0 [9/6/19]
 - End of chapter and interlude.
 - Two new scenes.
 - Last investment/research cycle of this chapter.

TLS 0.44.6 [7/31/19]
 - This update is mostly to fix the heal bug.
 - Improved Tanurak image thanks to Bug Reporting and Decanter.
 - Fixed Erosian maps thanks to Lamsey.

TLS 0.44.5 [7/26/19]
 - Additional improvements, fixes, and balance changes.
 - New warfront images courtesy of Lamsey.
 - The balance of healing spells has been changed. There's no effect at lower levels, but at higher character levels healing will start to scale slightly faster. This is especially true of single-target healing spells, which I've felt were lagging in an unintended way.

TLS 0.44.3-4
 - Patron-only balance updates.

TLS 0.44.2 [7/14/19]
 - Massive polishing update. No major balance changes, but tons of things were smoothed or improved.
 - Some affection added for Lynine and Trin.
 - Rodak Elites: There's a new save point, and their stats/skills have been tweaked in many ways.
 - Ginasta: There's a slight tweak to her AI. Let me know if this ends up seeming weird.

TLS 0.44.1 [7/12/19]
 - Quick update to fix a pathing bug that stopped the game.

TLS 0.44.0 [7/12/19]
 - Double update finishing the war.
 - Three new scenes.
 - Tons of new/improved assets. Thanks go to Bug Reporting, Annikath, Decanter, and Lamsey.

TLS 0.43.2 [6/7/19]
 - Further polishing.

TLS 0.43.1 [6/2/19]
 - Fairly non-essential update, but I figure those playing might enjoy the various improvements.
 - Improved musical track thanks to Lamsey.
 - Improved new faceset thanks to Decanter.

TLS 0.43.0 [5/31/19]
 - Large new segment covering the first part of the war.
 - Simon's healing skills have been improved (linked to his SP rate). With the right equipment, this can be significant.
 - Orcent has new bust images thanks to Lamsey and Megail has a new sprite thanks to Decanter.

TLS 0.42.2 [5/2/19]
 - More fixes and tweaks.

TLS 0.42.1 [4/30/19]
 - Plenty of improvements and fixes. Notably, all base characters should have new dialogue.
 - The army calculation has changed. The real calculation is on the ending screen for reference, but Orcent's first conversation just gives hints for investment.
 - Various pieces of equipment were buffed.

TLS 0.42.0 [4/26/19]
 - Plot advances with a trip back to Stenai.
 - Upon return from Stenai, multiple events and a dungeon prepping for the next section.
 - The optional challenge dungeon in New Givini is now available.
 - Two new scenes.
 - New investment cycle. Includes a new investment on Succubus Acceptance paths that involves a new scene.
 - A new slate of research options is unlocked, and you have a new research project available.
 - Depending on your research choices, Robin may have a new scene.
 - Four new pieces of customized equipment can be created.
 - Simon now has bust images (both green and black outfits) thanks to Lamsey.
 - A conversation between Altina and Riala about the events in the first chapter has been added retroactively (it isn't accessible in current content).

[Once Ever After 0.2.0]

[Once Ever After 0.1.0]

TLS 0.41.4 [2/8/19]
 - More fixes and tweaks.

TLS 0.41.3 [2/6/19]
New Additions
 - Previously, nothing changed in Zirantia. Now more things are updated.
 - This includes an event leading to a brand new scene.
 - Herin and Kaskia can be found in various locations. Not essential, just flavor in response to the synod.
 - Depending on vote results, Tak'Kan has a sanctification team in the Wilds.
 - Also potentially a new location in Tak'Kan.
 - A foreign succubus captured during the Gathering shows up then and later in Gasm Falls.
Minor changes
 - Usual typos and minor improvements.
 - Synod: Slight balance change to Esmera's deal.
 - Small lore addition giving Sarai a formal title.
 - Xerces coloration standardized thanks to Decanter.
 - Retroactive: Lady Entila now has a faceset and her conversation has been modified to use multiple expressions.

TLS 0.41.2 [1/29/19]
 - Lots of polishing and minor variants/fixes, no significant new content added.
 - New scenes added to Reflection menu.
 - There was new content added to the Aramite fort, but it was inaccessible before now.
 - Fixed the bug in the harem menu.

TLS 0.41.1 [1/25/19]
 - First Root bug.
 - Minor fixes.

TLS 0.41.0 [1/25/19]
Core Updates
 - Significant synod overhaul. (see details below)
 - Entire world updated based on synod results.
 - 4 new plot scenes, 3 new affection scenes.
 - Sarai can now join, depending on your synod results.
 - Orilise can now be maxed, depending on your synod results.
Synod Overhaul
 - More speakers added to the votes in the latter half (flavor only).
 - Zirantia now sends a representative. He's mostly flavor, but he influences the last vote.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Ignias's support increased.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Simon speaking now grants an additional bonus.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Nabith + Sanitation Guild bonus improved.
 - Tak'Kan Vote: Kerannii's deal has an impact on her results.
 - Fucklord Vote: Kerannii's deal now has a greater impact.
 - Economic Vote: The cost now varies based on the Religion stat.
 - Eustrin Vote: There is now a new option to spend additional influence on this vote.
 - Eustrin Vote: The result requirements have been tweaked.
 - Goddess of Magic Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
 - Goddess of Magic Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
 - Mother's Guard Vote: Requirements and rewards tweaked.
 - Mother's Guard Vote: Yelarel's contribution now varies based on her influence variable.
 - Inquisition Vote: You can now receive a bonus from Religion, but the requirements increased a little.
 - Succubus Holy Knights: The cost of applying Sarai's influence now varies based on Yelarel's influence.
 - Succubus Holy Knights: The Yelarel bonuses have changed.

TLS 0.40.5 [12/14/18]
 - Public version with a few more minor fixes.

TLS 0.40.4 [12/13/18]
 - Mostly issues with corner cases and some general touchup.

TLS 0.40.3 [12/11/18]
 - Mostly invisible stuff, but it includes some serious oversights fixed.

TLS 0.40.2 [12/9/18]
 - More cleanup.

TLS 0.40.1 [12/7/18]
 - Not a very major update, just the fade bug and minor things reported so far.

TLS 0.40.0 [12/7/18]
 - New content finishing the Council of Gawnfall.
 - One new scene.
 - Misc fixes on previous sections in preparation for the Steam release.

TLS 0.39.3 [11/11/18]
 - Minor changes. Only doing a release to clear up the fade bug.

TLS 0.39.2 [11/9/18]
 - Numerous balance changes, on average making the vote requirements easier.
 - New/improved Kerannii expressions thanks to Bug Reporting.
 - Improved musical tracks thanks to Lamsey.
 - High Priestesses have been added to the waiting room for those who want to check influence scores again.

TLS 0.39.1 [11/3/18]
 - Difficulty of the second vote has been reduced.
 - In addition, it received a special last ditch option to prevent unwinnable games.
 - Key bug that made Vote 5B too difficult is fixed.
 - The usual bugfixing and polishing.

TLS 0.39.0 [11/2/18]
 - New update covering the first three days of the Ivalan summit.
 - Initial lamia battler swapped with improved version (thanks to Decanter for finding it).
 - Retroactively added custom sprite/bust/face for Vera (priestess of the Goddess of Magic). This is thanks to Bug Reporting, who also did the new characters this update.

[Crimson Gray: Dusk and Dawn released!]

TLS 0.38.2 [10/5/18]
 - Minor polishing and bugfixing.

TLS 0.38.0 [9/28/18]
 - New section of the plot with a bunch of followup to last update's reveal.
 - New round of investing and research available.
 - Several new mini-dungeons and another option unlocked.
 - One new scene.

TLS 0.37.3 [8/31/18]
 - Further bugfixes and refinements.
 - The major change is that making Altina's custom weapon now grants affection where it didn't before.

TLS 0.37.1 [8/26/18]
 - Several changes made to make the switch puzzles easier and clearer.
 - All party members' base lines changed after the Stenai events. NPCs around the world have NOT yet changed.
 - Some new unique sprites thanks to Bug Reporting.
 - Music issues fixed thanks to Lamsey.
 - Bugfixing and polishing, as always.

TLS 0.37.0 [8/24/18]
 - Stenai update covering the next section of the game.
 - Four new scenes.

TLS 0.36.3 [7/28/18]
 - Altina fixer event added. Unless you have a previous save with Altina missing, this is not a critical update for you.
 - Various minor fixes.
 - New Sabitha eyes thanks to Decanter.

TLS 0.36.2 [7/27/18]
 - More bugfixing and refinements.
 - Graphical fixes thanks to Decanter.

TLS 0.36.1 [7/22/18]
 - Refinements and bugfixing.
 - There are new monsters and conversations when returning to the old war locations. Grubbak now reacts to the war events.
 - Assorted minor additions around the world. These are probably not worth tracking down, but I hope they make the game seem more alive and responsive overall.

TLS 0.36.0 [7/20/18]
 - Small update laying the groundwork for the Stenai update.
 - Three new scenes added.
 - New synergy skill for Aka and Uyae.
 - There is now a merchant in the slums that sells Yhilini orc equipment, once Yhilin has reached its final state.
 - Based on player requests, there is a new option for training orcs in the courtyard, a group that has very high HP.
 - An autosave script has been added thanks to Decanter. Comment if you want it to save after battles in addition to its current behavior.

TLS 0.35.7 [7/2/18]
 - Blade of Lust XP bug fixed.
 - Several cases where it was possible to not get credit for all your actions fixed.
 - Misc polishing.

TLS 0.35.6 [6/29/18]
 - More polishing.
 - The Dwarren Embassy investment now benefits the Aramite Tower section.
 - Wynn gets RP from the Zirantian Tower segment, Sarai from Yhilin's.
 - Dari is now visible during the ritual. This change is purely cosmetic, but I know some wanted it. ^- ^
 - Nalili's Blade of Lust skill now counts as defeating an enemy (thanks to Decanter for assistance).
 - Fixed music and looping thanks to Lamsey.

 - The game now has a custom executable icon thanks to BetatesterFP.

TLS 0.35.3-5
 - Minor but blocking mapping errors.

TLS 0.35.2 [6/22/18]
 - More polishing.
 - Aram now has two new soundtracks.

TLS 0.35.1 [6/17/18]
 - Fixes and polishing.
 - Multiple changes to combat balance.
 - Changes to war balance, notably including Simon bonus EXP and effects of Ginasta choices.

TLS 0.35.0 [6/15/18]
 - Large new section covering the war with Erosia.
 - Two new plot scenes.

TLS 0.34.2 [5/11/18]
 - The threshold for Dari has been lowered somewhat.
 - There is now an event to upgrade Hilstara's Helm at the succubus armorer, if you funded her. I don't want to go overboard with upgrades like this, but patrons made some good suggestions on this one.
 - There are conversations on the statues in the new dungeon. I had meant to include these earlier but they got lost in the shuffle.
 - More bugfixes and polishing.

TLS 0.34.1 [5/5/18]
 - Givini/Ardford content from last time now properly blocked off.
 - Dari maxing conversation added.
 - Misc bugfixes and improvements.

TLS 0.34.0 [5/4/18]
New Content:
- New section of the plot.
- Four new plot scenes, six new affection scenes.
- Uyae can join the harem.
- If you did the transformation research, Dari can finally be cured. With enough relationship points, she can also join.
- Bar miniquest. Visiting most bars in the game will trigger an Orcent conversation (nine added).
- The requirements to max Iris have changed. She is now locked at 99 until you have invested a significant amount in the Chalice States. If you already maxed her in the past, there will be no change.
- Riala now comments on the current research project.
- The head Unsuccubus reports on your base's stats.
- Thanks to Lamsey, there is an updated map of Arclent showing the new nations! You can find it in the teleportation room.

TLS 0.33.3 [4/6/18]
 - Further fixes and refinements.
 - Party order is now saved when switching between the two groups thanks to Decanter.
 - It isn't commonly known, but TLS can be played with a controller. Decanter added a script that ties text skipping to L1, which means you should be able to do anything with a controller you can do with a keyboard.

TLS 0.33.1 [3/31/18]
 - Names added to the candidate display.
 - Minor balance change.
 - Assorted bugfixing and polishing.
TLS 0.33.2
 - Further bugfixing.

TLS 0.33.0 [3/30/18]
 - New section of the plot introducing the succession crisis.
 - One new plot scene.
 - There are a bunch of improvements done by Decanter. These notably include improved Stineford succubus faces, new quest log entries for quests in older sections that people found confusing, and numerous visual improvements.

[Desecration of Wings released.]

Version 0.32.1 [1/27/18]
 - You can now customize flowers in the training yard.
 - Patrici now has her proper custom sprite.
 - Andra has a new faceset.
 - The cathedral library has been updated, though not with much.
 - So many minor fixes.

Version 0.32.0 [1/26/18]
Core Additions
- New extra-dimensional dungeon and advancement of plot.
- One new plot scene.
- New slate of research unlocked.
Unlockable Content
- It is now possible to finish Yhilin, transforming it into a state where succubi and orcs have fully integrated.
- Janine can now join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
- Wynn can also join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
- Altina now has a synergy skill.
- The reshaped form of Varia can now create her custom weapons.
Additions and Balance
- Substantial changes to the balance of the Givini Orc Merchant investment.
- Instead of revisiting the southern tunnels in Eustrin, there is a new tunnel area.
- The House of Petitions is open in Ari-Yhilina again, with second chances at certain discretionary funding investments you may have missed.
- There's an event when returning to the merchant camp.
- There's an event if you return to the shrine where you found Starke.
- New miniature quest in the Stineford region, starting in the succubus tower.
- There are three conversations when entering Janine's room, with various conditions.
Details and Visuals
- An anti-crash script has been added that will hopefully cut down on RPG Maker instability.
- Teleport room changed to matched the geography of the continent.
- Some new custom sprites courtesy of Bug Fixing.
- Full base bookshelves courtesy of Decanter.
- Lots of bugfixing and improvements, as always.

Version 0.31.4 [12/22/17]
 - Succubi who were Qum recolors in Stineford have been replaced.
 - Galvia can now be found in Eustrin for a quick conversation.
 - The Goddess of Magic cult has a conversation (only after the dungeon).
 - You can get equipment back from Sho by talking to her.
 - Elleani relationship box added.
 - Bug affecting many synergy skills fixed.
 - Guards in the Yhilini bar no longer carry weapons in chapter four onward.
 - Misc encounters around the Chalice States.
 - Misc minor comments around Wynn's house.

Version 0.31.x [12/16/17]
Version 0.31.1
 - Tons of polishing
 - Changes made to make headquarters saves more viable
Version 0.31.2
 - Save compatibility event added
 - Time travel bug fixed
 - Further polishing
Version 0.31.3
 - Yet more polishing.
 - Added a Megail/Qum scene at the base.
 - Some additional affection bonuses.
 - New custom sprites for recovered unsuccubi!

Version 0.31.0 [12/8/17]
 - Three brand new nations: New Givini, the Chalice States, and Tak'Kan
 - Free travel: access opened to nearly every nation on Arclent
 - Conclusion of the party gathering quest
 - New plot dungeon
 - Two new plot scenes
 - New round of investment returns
 - 25+ new investment opportunities
 - Unrestricted ability to convert ProN to Sx
 - Enemies have regenerated around the world

[Desecration of Wings patron beta release.]

Version 0.30.2 [11/8/17]
General Changes:
 - There have been minor affection changes added to the investments at the end of the war. These only affect the very end after the final battle, but you may want to re-select investments to optimize affection.
 - New sex scene when accessing your bed, if certain relationship points are high enough
 - New character interaction, requires unlocker event
 - Two new synergy skills
 - Misc bugfixing
Customization Stuff:
 - The courtyard is now customized by your wall choice and you can choose your ground type.
 - The courtyard now contains training orcs to test new skills
 - Nine new wall choices
 - Nine new floor choices, including wood floors
 - Six new carpet choices
 - Thirteen new statue options available, including pillars
 - Many statues now have left/right versions
 - Two new big statues
 - Eight new banners, including other wall ornaments
 - One additional bed, one additional throne
 - The library shelves are now symmetrical. A few of you are quite pleased, I'm sure. =P
 - You can now sit on your throne. It doesn't do much, but you can feel thronely?

Version 0.30.0 [10/27/17]
 - Intro to chapter four.
 - Base customization, expansion, and upgrading.
 - One new plot sex scene.
 - Many affection scenes are now available for the first time.
 - Nine new synergy skills.

Version 0.29.5 [9/29/17]
 - Yet more fixes, most trivial but a few inconveniencing to certain saves.

Version 0.29.4 [9/9/17]
 - Fixed several invisible but nontrivial mistakes involving hidden variables.

Version 0.29.3 [9/8/17]
 - Reviewing the entire war, there have been a number of tweaks to improve the overall balance.
 - Though I kept the reduced reserves, I made the instability penalties less punishing. In theory this will nudge games away from both extremes.
 - The results of the investments have changed in multiple ways. They are generally more beneficial to the player, so you may want to replay the very end.
 - Thanks to Decanter, we have an edited chapter four title card. Now hopefully more people will read it right at first glance.
 - Riala's sex skills have been given new animations and slightly rebalanced.
 - The usual bugs, typos, and polishing.

Version 0.29.2 [9/1/17]
 - The orc summit has been made somewhat easier.
 - Hilstara's sequence has been made harder.
 - The number of reserves during the aftermath has been reduced.
 - This section has also been modified to eliminate some bugs, but more checking is necessary.
 - Riala's skills have all been compiled into a single menu.
 - The Unsuccubus Mass image has been improved (thanks to Decanter!).
 - All party buffing animations improved and sped up (thanks to CyberForte!).
 - Many minor bugs/fixes/improvements.

Version 0.29.0 [8/25/17]
- Another double update, both the end of the war and the aftermath.
- Four new plot sex scenes.
- Six new affection sex scenes.
- Decided to increase the speed of buffing skills and trialed it on Carina's. Report if you like it and I can use the same style for other skills that target the entire party.

- The new section of the game involves splitting the party into three groups for one dungeon. This is only possible thanks to the scripting work of Decanter. Huge thanks to him!

Version 0.28.3 [7/21/17]
 - Yet more polishing to war calculations.
 - On Yarra's route, the variable "Empress Approval" now works properly.
 - The Kingsmen and Queensmen bars now have more variability throughout chapter three.
 - Flower Speculation investment now removed from ledger after the reunion.
 - The Dusty Horde and AriGarda are no longer listed in the ledger after taking over Yhilin. The Iron Cudgel remains, however.
 - Since some people were unclear on this, rewrote dialogue to make it completely unambiguous when the Dusty Horde is destroyed.

Version 0.28.2 [7/16/17]
 - Further internal mechanical fixes and balancing.
 - Varia skill rebalancing.

[Crimson Gray released.]

Version 0.28.1 [7/10/17]
 - Riala balance update, unique combat reaction added.
 - Character updates: Antarion and Sho equipment, Grubbak skills.
 - Several internal mechanical change.
 - Misc polishing.

Version 0.28.0 [7/7/17]
 - Double update: the first two thirds of the war against the Incubus Emperor.
 - Three new plot sex scenes.
 - Implementation of the new party splitting mechanics.

Version 0.27.1 [5/26/17]
 - Made a major change to the magical shop in the Rose District. If you fulfill the requirements, you'll now have a chance to buy Orgasmic Empire tier equipment here before the war! This one is a balance chance, but can be utilized by any save prior to the ending screen.
 - Various flavor additions around Yhilin.
 - The usual polishing and bugfixes.

Version 0.27.0 [5/19/17]
 - Final iteration of Yhilin before the war.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Four new Synergy Skills available if you have enough affection.
 - There are new (retroactive) consequences to researching Dari's condition. Continue a save from the waiting screen to receive your proper benefits.
 - New Uyae conversations around Ari-Yhilina.
 - During previous Yhilin iterations, you can now summon more people to the throne room. No balance changes.
 - New Eustrin mausoleum graphics thanks to Lamsey.
 - Lucy now has more unclothed images during her naked scenes thanks to Bug Reporting.
 - Bug Reporting is also responsible for the adorable succubus children. Expect to see more of them over time. ^-^
 - Various enemy stat changes (mostly for consistency and to remove unintended exploits).
 - Back in Stineford, there's now a visual effect when the door is destroyed.
 - If you invested in the demon-ridden mineshaft, it now appears properly in your investment ledger.
 - The shop in the outskirts can now reopen depending on investments. This is a retroactive change, but doesn't affect balance much.
 - Several quest log items had been neglected, most notably Conquerer. These have been fixed, though your quest log may need refreshing.

Version 0.26.2 [4/28/17]
 - Bugfixes and polishing.

Version 0.26.0 [4/21/17]
 - New section setting the stage in Eustrin and Aram.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Party switching mechanics implemented in preparation for upcoming content.

Version 0.25.2 [3/17/17]
 - More bugfixes and polishing.
 - Hardcore hugging action added to the reunion section.

Version 0.25.1 [3/11/17]
 - New synergy skill system introduced!
 - The bug with restarting the game via F12 has been fixed.
 - Assorted bugfixes and polishing.

Version 0.25.0 [3/3/17]
 - New iteration of Yhilin.
 - Four new plot sex scenes.
 - Three new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.24.0 [2/10/17]
 - New section of the story, finishing the Zirantian section.
 - One new plot sex scene.

Version 0.23.2 [1/21/17]
 - Some minor polishing, but the real reason I put out a new version is this:
 - Several pots in 0.23.1 that give Zirantian Artifacts can't be interacted with properly. Update to this version to collect them.

Version 0.23.1 [1/20/17]
 - The usual bugfixes and polishing.
 - Additional flavor text added to palace room and the crypt.
 - Thanks to Lamsey for fixing and converting a lot of musical tracks. If you noticed any minor audio glitches before, those should be fixed now thanks to him!
 - Thanks to Decanter, we have a new Fuani sprite that matches her coloring better.
 - Since the "optimize" option does not really optimize in a game with multiple stats on equipment, it has been renamed. Thanks to HarmlessArachnid for volunteering his scripting knowledge, even if it didn't get used in the end. The discussions and contributions of players help me keep polishing all the details. ^-^

Version 0.23.0 [1/13/17]
 - New section of the story added, beginning the Zirantian section.
 - Two new sex scenes.
 - The previous iteration of Ari-Yhilina has been updated, adding more potential affection.
 - There are also a significant number of Lynine/Orilise events added to that iteration.

Version 0.22.0 [12/9/16]
 - New iteration of Ari-Yhilina! New quests and conversations, plus new chances to access content that was blocked for your save before this point.
 - Three new sex scenes.
 - Reworked system for Robin's research. Nothing has changed for old saves, but it'll be better for managing the expanded choices you might be getting soon.
 - Multiple sidequests weren't being marked finished or failed at the appropriate times; I believe I have this mostly straightened out. The quest journal in new saves should be clean. 
 - Full screen mode now available! Press F5 to try it out.
 - Due to popular demand, there is now an event in the waiting room that will let you check everyone's relationship points.

 Version 0.21.0 [11/18/16]
 - New section of the game, finishing the elven section of the plot.
 - Four new plot sex scenes.
 - Six new affection sex scenes.
Version 0.21.2
 - Assorted bugfixes and changes.
 - An affection-granting conversation has been added for Bertricia at the end of the current content (minmaxers are advised to find it).
 - Iconset modified to match attribute names, thanks to Decanter.
Version 0.21.3
 - Additional bugfixes.
 - Necessary fixes for certain paths (like skipping Altina).

[Ouroboros 2.0 released.]

Version 0.20.0 [8/19/16]
 - New section of the game.
 - One new sex scene.
 - Aka's Deathblow skill is fixed.
 - I commissioned a bust image for Aka's new version, now found in the harem menu.
 - In addition to the above fix, there are now more entries in the harem menu.

Version 0.19.0 [7/8/16]
 - New section of the game covering the Yhilin aftermath.
 - One new plot sex scene, two new affection sex scenes.
 - Shopping event added pre-battle and on the waiting screen.

Version 0.18.0 [5/27/16]
 - New section of the game covering the invasion of Yhilin.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Some new custom sprites and graphics in previous sections.

[Ouroboros released.]

Version 0.17.0 [3/18/16]
 - All events in Ardford are finished, as is the second chapter!
 - Three new plot sex scenes.
 - Various minor changes throughout.
Version 0.17.1
 - Lots of new custom music.
 - New custom battlers.
 - Minor glitches and cosmetic improvements.

Version 0.16.0 [2/12/16]
 - New city, stage is set for the Ardford Summit.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Three conversations added to Janine's Retreat based on patron suggestions (no gameplay changes).
 - ProN now shows up in the menu (thanks Decanter!).
 - Simon's new armor has a darker color palette (thanks Scrambler!).

Version 0.15.0 [1/15/16]
 - Reunion chapter of the game.
 - Four new plot sex scenes, three new affection sex scenes.
 - See here for a full list of changes, as many new features were added.

Version 0.14.0 [12/11/15]
 - Completed Simon's route.
 - Eight new plot sex scenes.
 - New NPCs and dialogue added to Yarra's route.

Version 0.13.0 [11/6/15]
 - Completed Yarra's route.
 - Eight new plot sex scenes (this is the succubus route after all).
 - New sprite for Estaven, new battlers for Hilstara, the Magekillers, and Tal.

Version 0.12.0 [10/2/15]
 - Completed Aka's route.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - More battle songs have been added, further differentiating the various types.
 - Slight chances to SP balance.

Version 0.11.0 [8/22/15]
 - Completed Megail's route.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Some edits and new systems (see notes).

Version 0.10.0 [7/18/15]
 - New section of the game.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Three new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.9.0 [6/20/15]
 - New section of the game.
 - Five new plot sex scenes.
 - Twenty new affection sex scenes.

Version 0.8.1 [5/17/15]
 - 68 changes/improvements/tweaks, 5 minor bugs.
 - That's it. Glad this was just a polishing update. ^-^

Version 0.8.0 [5/10/15]
 - New chapter of the game.
 - Five new plot sex scenes.
 - Five new affection sex scenes.
 - See elsewhere for full list of updates.

Version 0.7.1 [4/11/15]
 - Fixed two potentially game-freezing bugs.
 - Minor rebalancing.

Version 0.7.0 [4/4/15]
 - Next chapter of the game.
 - One new sex scene.
 - Minor fixes.

Version 0.6.0 [3/7/15]
 - Next chapter of the game.
 - Four new sex scenes: two in the new section, two added to Stineford.
 - Mine bug fixed, parallel versions unified.
 - Some minor cosmetic changes/improvements.
 - Balance changes.

Version 0.5.0 [2/7/15]
 - Two major plot quests added: you can now raise enough money to leave Stineford.
 - Three major combat sidequests, several minor sidequests.
 - Two new sex scenes.
 - Enemy healing bug fixed, minor improvements to Stineford.

 Version 0.4.0 [1/9/15]
 - New plot segment plus the entire city of Stineford.
 - Eight new sex scenes.
 - Sex sprites added retroactively.
 - New sprites for Simon and Qum D'umpe.
 - Multiple additions to prior sections, including two short sex scenes and some affection choices.

Version 0.3.1 [12/13/14]
 - Fixed boulder bug.
 - Minor rebalancing.

Version 0.3.0 [12/12/14]
 - New chapter of the story.
 - Several bugfixes/improvements in previous sections.
 - Whole game rebalanced, overall easier.

Version 0.2.0 [11/29/14]
 - New chapter of the story.
 - Minor cosmetic improvements to the prologue.
 - New gameplay mechanic (sex point based characters)

Version 0.1.0 [11/22/14]
 - Launch version, contains the complete prologue.

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