Friday, January 15, 2016

Version 0.15.0 Changelog

This is another release + revamp, though not as major as 0.8.0. Here is the full list of changes.

First, I want to take a moment to thank all the people who helped make this update possible:
 - Lone Wolf, without whom the replay system and most other custom coding would never have gotten finished.
 - RCP, for producing a huge number of custom sprites and animations.
 - Decanter, for solving the Support Slaves problem and noticing a lot of things I missed.
 - Scrambler, both for his sprites and for his patience in waiting for them to be used at the right time.
 - Nomo, for fixing graphical problems I have nowhere near the skill to do myself.

New features:
 - Reunion chapter of the game.
 - Four new plot sex scenes, three new affection sex scenes.
 - Auto-dash. By default, you dash normally and walk with Shift, but you can switch it back to the original way in the...
 - New options menu: control sound, screen color, text speed, and battle animations.
 - Text skipping: press Ctrl to start skipping. Combined with text speed above, this can either progress dialogue steadily or fly through it.
 - New save system (number of saves supported increased substantially). Old saves will not display correctly until resaved in the new version.

Changes to previous sections:
 - Party members now show relationship points early on in Feroholm for the sake of consistency.
 - Clocks on Simon's route now display your exact day number.
 - Small stairs on Simon's route now clearly indicate whether they go up or down a floor.

Balance changes:
 - Support Slaves now works as planned. It also gives the option to be named differently; players who have already obtained the skill can rename it if they use a save from the 0.14.x ending screen.
 - Suppress Lust and Lust Renewal have been entirely rebalanced to better fall in line with the plot.
 - TP gain has been standardized, removing several oversights.

Sex sprites:
 - 24 new sex sprites added, bringing the total up to 39.
 - There is now sprite sex in camp during the free roaming section in Chapter 2.
 - The lovers in the Withered Fortress now have a sex animation.
 - Aka's route now has a custom animation if you approach the Doomed King armor again.
 - The Crimson Bordello trainers on Simon's route now have animations.
 - All harem members have sprite sex on the bed in the new area.

Cosmetic changes:
 - Altina's placeholder sprites have been replaced with custom sprites.
 - New nude sprite for Yarra.
 - Large music files replaced with much smaller formats.
 - Fixes to Yarra's faces for art style consistency.


  1. Wow you have been busy. Thank you for all you work in an update that looks like it will be epic (I'll find out in a week or so o_o).

    1. Well, the reunion section of the plot is pretty short, so I figured this was a good month to try to get as much other stuff done as possible!

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  2. I'm not a supporter sadly, but i am extremely impressed by all the work you've done with this game. The game is really fun, and not only is the updates worth it, but every time you update it, the game just gets better and fucking better. Once i am able to actually have some extra spending cash, i will definitely be backing you.

    1. Thanks! I'll keep making the best game I can!

  3. oh shit, meant to say, are, instead of is there in the beginning lol

  4. where would i be able to find the link to download this version?

    1. On Patreon. Public release is in a week.

    2. yeah i just signed up for the $5 a month level to get the updates early but i still cant see it maybe im missing somthing

    3. The updates are messaged out to people who pledged on the 1st of the month. If you signed up recently, your first pledge will be February 1 and you'll get that month's update.

    4. awww bummer guess ill wait till next week, thanks for the reply

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  6. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks. Controlling the sound on rpgmaker games as always been an annoyance since it's louder than everything else. Continue the great work!

  7. Just under a week til i'll get to enjoy this! From the changelogs alone, I just know it's going to be good!

  8. so, when i download the public version later- can I import my data from version 0.14 over? does it do so automatically? my first time owning a game like this so forgive my ignorance.

    1. It won't happen automatically, but it's pretty easy: just move your save files from the old folder into the new one. All saves should transfer from version to version!

  9. That autodash function would be immensely useful in searching for the stuff I've missed in the previous sections, to put it mildly. Much kudos!

    Being able to adjust the music volume in relation to everything else is quite helpful as well.

  10. Has something changed in Simon's route? I'm getting different results with the meetings succubus in the second-floor office in 0.14 and 0.15, starting from the same save file and following the same sequence of actions.

    0.14: "Holy shit! You, like, made everyone do exactly what you wanted!"

    0.15: "Well, fuck me! Everybody did exactly what you wanted..."

    Or is that just a change in the dialogue?

    1. Just the dialogue has changed. I've been getting varied reactions as to which of the lines was funnier and/or better for the best result, and I ended up switching them. Those are both the best result, FYI.

    2. Thanks for the reply! (And for the game, of course -- it's shaping up to be one of the best RPGs I've played.)