Saturday, January 5, 2019

Something Different: Novels

Welcome to 2019, everyone! I'm afraid the next version of TLS needs some more time to be finished properly, but meanwhile I want to introduce you to a project I started last year. Specifically, I've begun publishing novels, starting with this one:

Amazon Link:

Official description:
"Bloodwraith thought of himself as an effective villain, until a single adventurer destroyed his entire lair. With his last breath, he switched bodies with the adventurer and discovered that his world was built on lies. Alien beings from another dimension were using his world as a game... and now he was one of them.

The problem is, Bloodwraith has no experience being an adventurer. He was a mage, but his new body is only good at hitting things. He relied on undead minions, but now he has no choice but to depend on other people. And worst of all, strange boxes are constantly appearing in his vision, describing the world in unfamiliar, nonsensical terms.

Taking over the world is off the table, because the alien gods might be watching. To survive, Bloodwraith will need to learn the truth about himself and his world. And that means acting like an adventurer, at least for now."

If you like TLS, there is a decent chance you will like this story as well! It's completely free for anyone who has Kindle Unlimited, otherwise I'll do sale prices when Amazon allows me to. For those of you interested in more free work from me, there's actually a piece of serialized fiction in the works. It will be introduced later this year, because I'll be setting it aside to finish the TLS update.

I was taken aback by how well this novel was received by readers. The audiobook is currently in production and you'll be seeing the sequel later this year (patrons will get a chance to read it much sooner). I don't know how long I will be pursuing this line of creativity, but at minimum I will enjoy bringing this story to its conclusion. Given the overwhelming response, I will likely continue to do some more writing as I have time.

However, I won't be emphasizing that here. If you're interested in getting notifications when I release books, you can sign up for my mailing list here:

I also set up a new blog for my SFW pseudonym. There's not much there, but you can find it here:

Next post will be the TLS update, which will include both synod modifications and all of the consequences to your choices around the world. Yes, that does include Sarai. ^-^

Friday, December 14, 2018

TLS 0.40.5 Public Release

I should probably have taken two weeks for this public release. One week was barely enough to iron out all the bugs and inconsistencies from an update this complex, and I'm very grateful to the patrons who went above and beyond to help me with it. But this update needs more than simple testing/fixing - there have been some good suggestions about adding new elements or shifting balance that will simply require more time to implement.

However, I failed to signal the possibility of a two week wait clearly enough, and I don't want to delay the release until people are busy around the holiday season. So the update is going public, but please be aware of the following:

WARNING: While this update should be a smooth and bug-free experience, it is NOT the final version. Patrons have suggested subjective changes that I think would be improvements and we will need to tweak the balance further.


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

TLS 0.40.0
 - New content finishing the Council of Gawnfall.
 - One new scene.
 - Misc fixes on previous sections in preparation for the Steam release.

TLS 0.40.1-5
 - Wrestling with the scope of the event.

I hope people enjoy the update, but please be understanding when I need to take some time to continue improving it. Though providing regular releases is a high priority to me, my ultimate goal is to make TLS the best game that I can manage.

If after playing the update, you have ideas for additional content during the summit, feel free to make suggestions! I will not be massively changing things, but as an example, some patrons suggested that the second half of the summit could use more minor speakers for flavor. Another notable suggestion was that Zirantia could have a representative to speak on international issues. Anything that will make the summit feel like a richer event.

I intend this summit to be the most complex political segment of the game, and I may have gone a bit overboard, but I hope that it is part of a satisfying overall experience that reacts to your choices in nuanced ways. Thanks to everyone for following the development of TLS.

Friday, December 7, 2018

TLS 0.40.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.40.0
 - New content finishing the Council of Gawnfall.
 - One new scene.
 - Misc fixes on previous sections in preparation for the Steam release.

Running a little ragged, so not sure what to say. This update wraps up a long and complex section, hopefully in a satisfactory way. I can't completely guarantee we'll have it ready for public release in a week, but patrons managed it quick last time, so it's possible.

Friday, November 9, 2018

TLS 0.39.2 Public Release


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

TLS 0.39.2
 - Numerous balance changes, on average making the vote requirements easier.
 - New/improved Kerannii expressions thanks to Bug Reporting.
 - Improved musical tracks thanks to Lamsey.
 - High Priestesses have been added to the waiting room for those who want to check influence scores again.

TLS 0.39.3
 - Minor changes. Only doing a release to clear up the fade bug.

Here's the public version of the Council! Lots of politicking, now in refined form. ^-^ While this version of the council should be a bit more forgiving and more nuanced, I still can't promise this is 100% final balance. I did my best, though.

Not a lot else to say. Hope you enjoy - I will be back to working! Expect the rest of the council as well as some other fun things in time.

Friday, November 2, 2018

TLS 0.39.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.39.0
 - New update covering the first three days of the Ivalan summit.
 - Initial lamia battler swapped with improved version (thanks to Decanter for finding it).
 - Retroactively added custom sprite/bust/face for Vera (priestess of the Goddess of Magic). This is thanks to Bug Reporting, who also did the new characters this update.

TLS 0.39.1
 - Difficulty of the second vote has been reduced.
 - In addition, it received a special last ditch option to prevent unwinnable games.
 - Key bug that made Vote 5B too difficult is fixed.
 - The usual bugfixing and polishing.

Alright, I've done what I think is best for the game: split the summit into two parts. This way I can keep up release momentum as well as get feedback on some of the new things I'm trying with this update. It will be reminiscent of the Ardford Summit, but with this one I put the emphasis on social manipulation. Hopefully with some tweaking, this will be a fun addition to the game.

This update isn't a trivial one, though! It introduces all the High Priestesses you hadn't met before in addition to some important characters from other religious factions. In the votes covered by this update, you'll lead the religious situation on Arclent in one of several major directions, which will have a permanent impact on the world.

Because this update is a bit experimental, I have no idea what to say about when it will be released publicly. This blog is the place to check for major updates, while the progress will be focused on Patreon.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

New Games + TLS Info

Steam has approved pages for two of my upcoming games! Some of these won't be released until far in the future, but if you want a sneak preview of some of what I'll be working on, please check out the pages here:

TLS will also be coming to Steam, but it will take extra work and draw time away from creating more. I want to release it at a time when it won't slow progress down too much, like a lull between updates. So it won't arrive on Steam just yet, as I'm focused on TLS 0.39.0.

This update is another one that will be more complex than usual, and it's taking longer than average. To tide people over, my most recent Patreon post includes a preview of all seven High Priestesses and some other characters who will play a role.

But I wanted to check in with blog readers as well to update you guys on the situation. My intent is for this to be one of the longest and most complex sequences of the game. I worry about getting the level of complexity right, so I may release it in two updates instead of one to get feedback from everyone. More info as I decide which way will produce the best update and result in the least time lost overall.

Friday, October 5, 2018

TLS 0.38.2 + Crimson Gray 1.5!


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

TLS 0.38.0
 - New section of the plot with a bunch of followup to last update's reveal.
 - New round of investing and research available.
 - Several new mini-dungeons and another option unlocked.
 - One new scene.
TLS 0.38.1-2
 - Minor polishing and bugfixing.

There weren't too many bugs found in this one, so all that's new in the public release are some minor fixes, improved dialogue, etc. I'm putting it out early in honor of the new Crimson Gray release, which should be coming out later today:

I'm glad this project is finally released! At minimum, it provides a nice coda for Lizzie and John's story together, plus it let me write from Lizzie's POV, which I enjoyed. ^-^ I hope you will at least consider taking a look at the game!

Those who have played the TLS update will know what the next update is about. It will be large and complex, so I'm not sure how long it will take to finish. But with Crimson Gray 1.5 releasing soon and some other things winding down, I should have more time to devote to it. See you next time!