Sierra's Work

Now that I've been working for a little while, linking my stuff is starting to get unwieldy. This page is a hybrid of a repository for links to my work and my CV for people deciding whether or not to trust me on Patreon. ^-^


The Last Sovereign

My flagship project, a full length NSFW RPG over two years in the making so far. Updates come out on a regular basis, so no direct links here, just check the blog.

Noxian Nights

Download: Link (Link with RTP)
A complete hRPG based on LoL characters, with full art by the talented Nomo, our first work as the collaboration Hreinn Games. Every version over 1.0.0 has the complete game, and every version over 1.2.0 has all the "DLC" content, but version 1.2.4 is the final bugfix.


Info and Links:
An experimental RPG and my first commercial game. Via the link above you can play the original version for free, or purchase the expanded version! The original version is a complete game, it just lacks the NSFW art (text-only scenes) and the expanded content available in the commercial version.

Crimson Gray

Info and Links:
An experimental novel about a boy with depression and a girl with violent psychosis. This one is currently being released and not yet available in all stores!


Archive of Our Own:
I have some free fanfiction stuff, both personal projects and commissions, available on a few sites. Chief among them is "Superman Fucks Gotham" - a 115,000 word ridiculous superhero sextravaganza, updated monthly over the course of nearly two years until completed.

Other Erotica
Though I'm not trying to write erotica professionally anymore, you can find my other work via that link. It includes three completed series: Twilit Falls, Zombie Wife, and Wet Dream Planet.


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  2. I hope there's a "select difficulty" in The Last Sovereign, It's goddamn hard to play I just wanted to enjoy and play the story not to suffer lol

    1. at the bottom. orks wonders. It even allows you to edit your variable scores if you miss something or eff it up.

  3. Hey, really like your guys' writing, but I have a quick question. Is there anyway to replay the dialogue / scroll back in the conversation? Sometimes I hit the z key too quickly and it'd be great if I could avoid reloading a save.


    1. There isn't, sorry. Feedback noted, though - if this becomes a common request, I'll try to look for a script to implement some kind of feature along these lines.

  4. I like your work so much. Thank you!

  5. I cannot believe myself to be saying this about an rpg maker game, but i am absolutely enthralled by the depth and detail that you put into this. even as it stands, as of 0.27.1, it is one of the best rpgs that i have played. The story is immersive, rich, and easily overcomes all of the standard harem and sex game tropes. As it stands, this is a shining example of every author or story tellers knowing that "It is not the facts, circumstance, or story itself that matters; but the way that the story is told." I cannot wait for you to finish and release more.

    I only have two suggestions/ requests/ desires.
    1. is it possible to release the game in sections with save loading or choice setting similar to say the mass effect series? I have played through this three times to try and create my optimal outcome, but STILL (because i forgot to talk to that fuggin' ambassador during aka's route!) missed out on a couple of variables; and the game does not seem to even be half way complete. The complexity that you put into such a game creates the potential for many of us to have to restart the game in order to follow the outcomes we desire as the game expands. As of this update, prewar with the Incubus Emperor would be a great point to implement such a strategy.

    2. - it is early in the game, i know, but i was hoping to see Simon have a little more "fun" with his newfound powers and haremettes (that's a word now). for instance, you can equip you characters with butt plugs, yet have no scenes involving toy play. Not even any scenes of walking your partner around town with a vibe on full power. Haha, make Carina give a sermon while she can barely keep her knees from caving. Also, at the point that Nalili decided to call you "daddy", i thought it would be so fucking great if i could overcharge a butt plug with sexual energy, grab my little princess as she walks by, pop it in with no foreplay, and walk away without saying word; leaving her as a screaming squirming mess in the middle of the palatial hallway. :3 delightfully perverse, no?

    As Simon grows closer to his haremettes, and more comfortable with his power, i hope to see him take a few harmlessly fun liberties.

    I do not mean to step upon your creative license or potential; but i simply cannot help wanting this game to be as large and as awesome as it can be. As it stands, it is well on the way to becoming a masterpiece. If you ever feel that you could use an imaginative perverse mind to proof read or offer suggestions for upcoming scenes, i would gladly offer my insights and such.

    either way, i will be buying this game. unfortunately i cannot commit to monthly pledges in my current economic state, but i damned sure will be buying this game. great work!

    1. Also, I will forever use the idiom "You can't make an omelette without fucking a few eggs." in lieu of its more commonly accepted idiom of breaking eggs. :p thanks for that.

    2. Wow, thanks for the extensive feedback. Glad you're enjoying the game so much!

      1) I'm afraid it would be pretty work-intensive to create a feature like this, much less include it retroactively, so it won't be a priority during game development.

      2) You'll slowly get more of this type of content! I can't say there's any toy play impending, but in terms of Simon getting more comfortable using his power, I think there are some scenes in the next two updates that you will like!

      TLS will always be a free game, but thanks for your support!

      >Also, I will forever use the idiom "You can't make an omelette without fucking a few eggs." in lieu of its more commonly accepted idiom of breaking eggs. :p thanks for that.

      Oh, you're quite welcome. ^-^

  6. Hi, Sierra. I was inordinately impressed by the quality of your game writing. I don't often play games of this nature, but I was sucked into The Last Sovereign for many hours.

    This may be a long shot (and pardon my inability to find a more appropriate place to say this), but I'd love to put myself out there if you're ever looking for help. 15+ years of RPG Maker (and other game design) experience and just as long writing professionally. I'm also pretty handy with graphic design, simple sprite work and mapping.

    Not that you need the help, by all accounts! But if you'd like to do even more, don't hesitate to hit me up. I'd be happy to show you what I can do.

    1. Hello, I'm glad to hear you like my games!

      Though I have been soloing this for a long time, I'm always on the lookout for ways to make the process more efficient. If you have a portfolio or examples of your previous work, I'd definitely take a look. Particularly mapping and sprite work. Give me an email address and I might be in touch!

    2. Thanks for the response! Please do hit me up at

      I'd be more than happy to share what I've done, but I'd be more comfortable doing it via e-mail. I REALLY think you have something special here, and I think also some additional mapping expertise could make a big difference.

      Thanks for your time!

  7. Hello Sierra, I just played the Last Sovereign, and I enjoy the game very much. So I haven't reach the latest chapter, (is it the third chapter, or still the end of second chapter?), I still in Aka route. But I'm curious on how many chapters do you plan for this game?

    I love how you write the characters. They feel alive and very enjoyable to follow. I like Simon as the main character. But I feel that he's not somebody who can enjoy the Harem naturally. Well, maybe he welcome the harem. But he's not a womanizer type that actually need a harem. Simon is a man with purpose and ambition. He's not a Rance type of character. That's why I skip all the sex scenes because I feel that they are not necessary for me to enjoy this already awesome story.

    Sometime I think that the Chosen are clones that created by the goddess. That's because they have similar personality. But I can be wrong. Or maybe it is Simon that chosen by the Goddess. Those Chosen was created just to prepare Simon for this long saga.

    1. Btw, can you make Orcent and some other male characters to become permanent member? I like Orcent. He's cool. I hope that this story is not just about Simon and his harems. but also Simon with his generals.

    2. Hello, I'm glad you like the game! The next update I release will finish the third chapter, which is the largest so far. Once that chapter is finished I will make a public post about my plans for the total number of chapters.

      Simon is obviously not Rance, but I wanted to write someone who was a very different person in a harem scenario. Seems to me that a lot of characters who "need" a harem don't deserve one, if that makes sense. I try to include a lot of characterization in the sex scenes, but you are far from the only person playing while skipping them!

      While Orcent won't become a permanent party member, he's definitely part of the story. One close to my heart, actually. ^-^ You can expect to meet more orc characters in chapter three, and some of them get major moments in the spotlight. Due to events in chapter three, you'll be seeing more of Simon and Orcent's friendship in the future as well.

    3. Thanks for replying me, Sierra. Orcent is definitely rank third as my favorite character in this game. The first is Simon, second is Robin. Yarra is good, specially when in the gathering arc. But not as good as the three above characters. Aka and Altina are also memorable ones.

      Just curious, How long did Simon live with Wendis? In one of Simon memory, they had married for 3 years already at that point. So are they really don't have any biological son or daughter? Because as far as I know, Robin is not Simon's biological daughter (I don't know the reason. maybe you want to add her to the harem?).

      But what if Simon is actually has a biological son with Wendis? A trouble maker one. A kind of Tal the Chosen character. But unlike Tal, Simon has the responsibility to protect this idiot. Because he's the only one that Wendis left to him. It can become a balance for Robin the helpful. Specially when the son lost in the war and Simon found him somewhere in his adventure.

    4. But maybe not. Because I'm sure you have already have finish the whole storyline now. Or at least you have already have the grand plan for the whole main plot. So there is no place for this new character.

    5. Simon and Wendis were married for 11 years, though they knew each other a few years before that. There are multiple reasons that I didn't want Simon to have any biological children, many of them timeline-related. It would create a different dynamic in several key ways.

      Simon having a Chosen son would be an interesting bit of tension! As you've noted, though, I do have the whole story planned out.

  8. The Last Sovereign is the most enthralled I've ever been with any story. I just finished the content in version 0.28.3. Really nice work.
    Your game is fantastic. Thank you so much!

    1. You're quite welcome, glad you like it! I hope to keep providing updates all the way to the conclusion!

  9. @Sierra Lee - You've gone and convinced me to try my on hand at making a bawdy RPG story, as TLS is one of the most fun RPGs that I've played in a long time. The trade-offs and variable causalities that you offer is something that most modern RPG's seem to have forgotten. I've only been using RPG Maker for a few days now, but it's getting pretty easy and fun, and i have a pretty decent prologue going here. But i was wondering,
    1: is it appropriate to ask you directly, a question about RPG Maker? Google and forums have been no help.
    2: if it's cool, how do you create the giant message boxes that you write your scenes in? Scrolling text makes me angry, and trying to explain forces of existence, or write an embarrassing ero scene in 4 row boxes, is not working at all.
    and 3: When i do get a running prologue up, would you like to play and maybe even offer your own insights?

    Either way, Thank you for your time, and for making such an awesome story.

    1. I'm glad the game can inspire you!

      1) I do need to be careful with my time, but one question does no harm.

      2) It can't be done by default. Check out modern algebra's Advanced Text System of scripts and you'll see what I use.

      3) Can't guarantee when I'll have time, but I do like to play new things occasionally. If you post about it on the usual forums, link me to one of them and I might check it out when I get time, sure!

    2. well, I did a stupid. i'm using MV, and your game is for VXACE... :p I'll have to see if I can get help with some other plugins that don't seem to be agreeing with me. Still, when I get it figured out, I'll see if I can link you in for the prologue. Thanks again.