Friday, May 22, 2020

TLS 0.51.2 Public Release

New update is public!


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

The version notes, comments, and so forth are all basically the same as they were last time. Can I trust you guys to be able to read those? I'm going to.

Also, only a few days left to take advantage of the NSFW game bundle if you want. It's exceeded expectations:

Friday, May 15, 2020

TLS 0.51.0 Released!

New update for supporters on Patreon or SubscribeStarVersion history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.51.0
 - Depending on your decisions, you may be able to unlock a new segment and final state for Eustrin.
 - Aka's personal quest can now be completed.
 - Hilstara has a complete personal quest.
 - The Tower mine has reopened, granting different saves different items. Both regions have been repopulated with a few new fights.
 - Two new scenes, three new affection scenes.
 - Two more scenes that are inaccessible without cheating. Working ahead.
 - If you're still locked out of Ardoheim in Chapter 5, you can now gain access via a payment in Headquarters 1F.
 - If you didn't receive the Crystal of Harmony, it can now be purchased in Ari-Yhilina.
 - If Fheliel's conversation was missed, you can find her in Ryoken.
 - Returning to Wynn's house after the recent transformation will unlock new dialogue (and a new scene).
 - Improved Qum and Megail sex sprites thanks to Decanter.
 - Minor continuity fixes in early content.
 - New Illustrated Scenes: Carina Solo, Altina Blowjob, Megail Doggy, Trin Orgy

This is one of those odd updates, because I know some players won't be able to access the major chunk of new content (Eustrin). However, it also includes some new side quests for everyone, plus a lot of little opportunities to unlock past content you might not have seen. Hopefully there will be something for everyone!

Some of the content in this update I promised literally years ago. So many blog posts ago, somebody asked "Will there be impregnation content?" and I said "Yes, but you'll have to wait a long time." Until now, apparently.

Meanwhile, I have something for those of you waiting! I'm participating in a big bundle of NSFW games that you can find here:

All of the games are 50% off or more, including a couple of mine. There's also a free (or pay what you want) tier, so this is a good opportunity to sample a whole bunch of games!