Friday, January 26, 2018

TLS 0.32.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.32.0
Core Additions
- New extra-dimensional dungeon and advancement of plot.
- One new plot scene.
- New slate of research unlocked.
Unlockable Content
- It is now possible to finish Yhilin, transforming it into a state where succubi and orcs have fully integrated.
- Janine can now join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
- Wynn can also join. One plot scene plus three affection scenes.
- Altina now has a synergy skill.
- The reshaped form of Varia can now create her custom weapons.
Additions and Balance
- Substantial changes to the balance of the Givini Orc Merchant investment.
- Instead of revisiting the southern tunnels in Eustrin, there is a new tunnel area.
- The House of Petitions is open in Ari-Yhilina again, with second chances at certain discretionary funding investments you may have missed.
- There's an event when returning to the merchant camp.
- There's an event if you return to the shrine where you found Starke.
- New miniature quest in the Stineford region, starting in the succubus tower.
- There are three conversations when entering Janine's room, with various conditions.
Details and Visuals
- An anti-crash script has been added that will hopefully cut down on RPG Maker instability.
- Teleport room changed to matched the geography of the continent.
- Some new custom sprites courtesy of Bug Fixing.
- Full base bookshelves courtesy of Decanter.
- Lots of bugfixing and improvements, as always.

TLS 0.32.1
 - You can now customize flowers in the training yard.
 - Patrici now has her proper custom sprite.
 - Andra has a new faceset.
 - The cathedral library has been updated, though not with much.
 - So many minor fixes.

I hope this is the last really broad update and ones after that can be more plot-focused. Having said that, some of the pieces here have been long-awaited. ^-^

Also hope to be able to release publicly in a week, barring problems. My goal is to finish off all the minor side content I've deferred in the past, so as to focus more on new plot segments. Anyway, enjoy!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


I have just made last week's 2017 in Review post public. Please do read if you are interested in my reflections on the past year as well as an indicator of my focuses for this one.

One thing I want to say unavoidably here: I am not sure how 2018 will go for TLS updates. It remains my primary project, and I hope to advance significantly closer to the end. However, based on the content that I intend to create and other impending events, I'm afraid the releases will be irregular.

I wouldn't do this if I didn't feel it was best for the game overall, but I understand some will be disappointed. In any case, I look forward to bringing you a lot of content in 2018!