Friday, October 27, 2017

TLS 0.30.0 Released!

NOTE: Updated post with new section for the unusual 0.30.2 release, see below.

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.30.0
 - Intro to chapter four.
 - Base customization, expansion, and upgrading.
 - One new plot sex scene.
 - Many affection scenes are now available for the first time.
 - Nine new synergy skills.
TLS 0.30.1
 - General bugfixing. An expansion update may be coming, so this is mostly for new players.

So... things did not go as planned at all and I'm releasing this early instead of the side project (which is complete but waiting on art assets). I am super behind schedule, so I won't say a lot here. Check Patreon for links, or the usual forums for screenshots and more info.

Rather than focusing on story, this update introduces a first for the game: a heavily customizable home base. You can expand new rooms, upgrade various systems, and so on, but that includes cosmetic customization.

I'm not sure about a public release for this one. It will depend on how many changes I make based on patron feedback and how soon I think the next update will be. See everybody then!


TLS 0.30.2
General Changes:
 - NOTICE: There have been minor affection changes added to the investments at the end of the war. These only affect the very end after the final battle, but you may want to re-select investments to optimize affection.
 - New sex scene when accessing your bed, if certain relationship points are high enough
 - New character interaction, requires unlocker event
 - Two new synergy skills
 - Misc bugfixing
Customization Stuff:
 - The courtyard is now customized by your wall choice and you can choose your ground type.
 - The courtyard now contains training orcs to test new skills
 - Nine new wall choices
 - Nine new floor choices, including wood floors
 - Six new carpet choices
 - Thirteen new statue options available, including pillars
 - Many statues now have left/right versions
 - Two new big statues
 - Eight new banners, including other wall ornaments
 - One additional bed, one additional throne
 - The library shelves are now symmetrical. A few of you are quite pleased, I'm sure. =P
 - You can now sit on your throne. It doesn't do much, but you can feel thronely?

As you can see, a lot of effort went into base-building stuff. There are a few quirks that seem to be built into the script I'm using, but otherwise we cleaned up a lot of bugs as well as adding a bunch of new options. Also replaced some of the drabbest default options.

Those of you not really interested in base-building, rest assured that we are done with that for the foreseeable future. For my sanity, if nothing else. Those of you who enjoy it, though, please have fun!

Unlike the usual secondary updates, this one actually has a little content expansion. Full description above, but I think you'll want to check out the bed for a scene that I've been waiting to write for a very long time.