Friday, May 27, 2016

TLS 0.18.0 Released

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

Version 0.18.0
 - New section of the game covering the invasion of Yhilin.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Some new custom sprites and graphics in previous sections.

I'm back! This is a big, complex section of the story that will finally bring the Doomed King plot to the fore. It should be released publicly in a week, so see you then!

Finally, though I leave most screenshots for the threads, I didn't want anyone checking the blog to miss a fun new development patrons got to see a little while ago: the first official map for TLS. This covers the continent of Arclent:

Expect more maps in the future! But in the nearer future, expect the public release of this update in about a week - see you then!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ouroboros 1.1.4 Released!

That's right, it's complete and it's publicly available! Read the writeup here if you haven't already, or just download here:


Not a lot more to say, I just hope people enjoy it. I hope the next TLS update will be out in about a week!

EDIT: There is a new version of the game uploaded - notably, this version includes a prologue that didn't exist in any previous version of the game. The people who were kind enough to give this game a try were consistent in saying that the game didn't give away its true nature fast enough. Accordingly, I have changed the synopsis and added the prologue, which I hope will interest the people who would actually like this game.

EDIT II: Links updated to version 1.1.7.

EDIT III: Ouroboros 2.0 can now be found here. It contains full art for all sex scenes and about twice the content of the first version!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

April 2016 Report

This post is coming mid-May because I wanted to make a single report post instead of spreading out the information over time. I'll update this with some more links as a few final things are completed. Hopefully that will be a good way of organizing it in the long term.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what I did during my break month. Other than resting and relaxing, I worked on a variety of side projects:

1) Ouroboros - A complete game I teased here. It has already been released to patrons and you can expect a public version on May 20.

2) Futa High - I finished a chunk of a futanari visual novel type game. Patrons will get to play it soon, but I won't be releasing it publicly since it's unfinished. It will probably be a long time before I get back to this, but if there's interest, I will eventually.

3) TLS Prologue Story - A glimpse of Simon during the war against the Incubus King. It's been released to patrons, more word on the public release here later.

4) Hreinn Games Hype Story - I also wrote a random piece inspired by the game we'll be making after Noxian Nights. Not exactly the same, but inspired by the same tropes. Look forward to a free public release closer to the launch of that game.

Anyway, all that aside, you're probably wondering about progress on TLS 0.18.0. I can't say exactly how long it will take to finish, but it has been getting my full attention for a while now and I'm hoping for release at the end of the month. See you soon!