Friday, June 29, 2018

TLS 0.35.6 Public Release


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

TLS 0.35.7 [7/2/18]
 - Blade of Lust XP bug fixed.
 - Several cases where it was possible to not get credit for all your actions fixed.
 - Misc polishing.

TLS 0.35.6 [6/29/18]
 - More polishing.
 - The Dwarren Embassy investment now benefits the Aramite Tower section.
 - Wynn gets RP from the Zirantian Tower segment, Sarai from Yhilin's.
 - Dari is now visible during the ritual. This change is purely cosmetic, but I know some wanted it. ^-^
 - Nalili's Blade of Lust skill now counts as defeating an enemy (thanks to Decanter for assistance).
 - Fixed music and looping thanks to Lamsey.
 - The game now has a custom executable icon thanks to BetatesterFP.

That is more changes to a final build than I'm usually comfortable with, so I hope nothing was broken at the last second. That said, this version has a lot of polish previous builds didn't have and I think the balance of the event should be solid.

Please enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2018

TLS 0.35.2 + Steam Dev Page

As mentioned, this update will take two weeks of testing. When it takes longer than normal, usually I release it for all patrons, including those at lower tiers. Meanwhile, I'm making a post here to talk about something else.

Steam just launched a new feature: creator pages. It seems to tie into the curator/groups features, so it's not perfect, but I still consider this a significant good thing. The main benefit is that it lets someone follow you as a creator instead of following individual games, which is much more useful given how Steam treats new games.

You can follow me completely anonymously here: 

Or join my group here:

While I will keep posting updates on my blog, if you want information about my games directly on Steam, these pages should have something to offer you. For example, it would let you know how everything is on sale on Steam right now - I don't like to spam the blog with things like that.

(Though now that I'm here, I should mention that I've set up an equivalent sale on, for those who prefer not to use Steam.)

In any case, I'll be back next week with the public release of this version of TLS!

Friday, June 15, 2018

TLS 0.35.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.35.0
 - Large new section covering the war with Erosia.
 - Two new plot scenes.

Those notes make this update seem small, but I don't think it is! Hopefully everyone will get at least an hour of playtime, ideally more. This is a "mini-war" but it's a big event that has some of everything, so I hope everyone will enjoy it. ^-^

Having said that, this one will be difficult to balance. It will almost certainly take two weeks, but I hope everyone will agree it's worth it in the end. If you want to whet your appetite, you can find some screenshots of the update here.

Some other business:
 - Several new YouTubers are playing Crimson Gray. Here are some videos if you're into that sort of thing!
 - Due to some kind of bug on Google's end, I'm not getting email notifications for comments anymore. If I miss your questions, sorry about that!
 - I have some other stuff in progress, so look forward to some new finished projects at some point in the future.