Friday, April 26, 2019

TLS 0.42.0 Released!

New update for supporters on Patreon or SubscribeStarVersion history updated, you know what to do, etc.

TLS 0.42.0
 - Plot advances with a trip back to Stenai.
 - Upon return from Stenai, multiple events and a dungeon prepping for the next section.
 - The optional challenge dungeon in New Givini is now available.
 - Two new scenes.
 - New investment cycle. Includes a new investment on Succubus Acceptance paths that involves a new scene.
 - A new slate of research options is unlocked, and you have a new research project available.
 - Depending on your research choices, Robin may have a new scene.
 - Four new pieces of customized equipment can be created.
 - Simon now has bust images (both green and black outfits) thanks to Lamsey.
 - A conversation between Altina and Riala about the events in the first chapter has been added retroactively (it isn't accessible in current content).

This is a combination of the next major step in the plot, plus some assorted things I worked on while I was trying to rewrite the chapter. So the slate is completely clear of old content like customized equipment and side content like the optional dungeon - what's left is the large plot section that will finish the fourth chapter of the game.

I still have an upcoming book release, but it got put off because I was eager to finish this update. You can look forward to the public release in a week unless something unusual happens. Meanwhile, I hope people enjoy the update. ^-^

Friday, April 5, 2019

Update + Art for TLS

Hey, everybody, let me give a general update on TLS before I get into the exciting new information.

As the game drew closer to the end of chapter four, I realized that there was a problem. Usually I stick closely to my original outline for the game, but in this case I didn't think the outline for the chapter four finale is up to the quality I want for TLS. So I found myself taking a step back and trying to see how I could rework the game so that the same events occur in a better way overall. I'm generally confident in the foundation that's already been laid, but the next update will need to set up things I'm uncertain about.

I recognized that this was going to delay me, and I don't like to be inactive, so I decided to take some time to try to clear my plate of side projects while I thought about TLS. That included a very large chunk of work on Once Ever After, which is now in a decent place to set on the backburner. It will also include a public demo of Don't Save the Princess that will be free for everyone (look forward to it before too long).

Basically, I hope to finish major stages of these things, then return to TLS with new energy once I'm completely confident in the plan. But meanwhile, there has been a potentially exciting development!

As I've said many times in comments, I had come to doubt that I would ever be able to find an artist who was willing to commit to a project as large as TLS and who had a style that fit the game. However, for some time I have been talking to a long time fan of the game who wanted to offer their art. I've been discussing it with patrons, but now I'm letting all of you know too!

The above is just an image I commissioned for fun, but there is a current Patreon thread with another scene meant to be representative of the style used for the game. We are discussing many details about what exact style of art to use, how certain characters should be drawn, and what types of art are highest priority.

Anyway, this conversation will continue for a while! No matter what is decided, you can count on me trying to make TLS the best game it can be and making it available here for everyone. Thanks for caring about my stories. ^-^