Friday, February 15, 2019

TLS Steam Release!

It's finally happening, everybody! Go here if you want to play TLS via Steam:

Even if you aren't interested in Steam, check out the link to see the fancy trailers Lamsey made. They do a much better job of showing off the game than I could have made. ^-^

If you have an account you're willing to associate with an adult game, please review! As a free RPG Maker game, it's pretty much going to sink or swim based on good reviews. Letting people know your thoughts about the game is good, but even short reviews are votes of confidence!

There is also a pure donation DLC because people on the forum requested it. This fixes the game in your Steam library but otherwise does nothing. Originally I wanted to make the DLC give you a few images, just for fun, but I've given up on this because trying to work with Valve's back end systems is misery.

Hopefully the Steam release will encourage some new people to try TLS for the first time. I also have my fingers crossed that it won't prove too time-consuming, as I'd like to get focused on creating things again.

Friday, February 8, 2019

TLS 0.41.4 Public Release + SubscribeStar

The new release is below, but first, two announcements:

1) Many people leaving Patreon have asked for an alternative and I finally got my SubscribeStar account approved. If you sign up via this link, in theory I get more of your support:

2) The Lunar New Year sale is way bigger than I expected, so it would be unwise to launch TLS on Steam right now. Expect it fairly soon, though, as there are no real obstacles to the release.

Anyway, the newest version of TLS:


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

TLS 0.41.4 [2/8/19]
 - More fixes and tweaks.

TLS 0.41.3 [2/6/19]
New Additions
 - Previously, nothing changed in Zirantia. Now more things are updated.
 - This includes an event leading to a brand new scene.
 - Herin and Kaskia can be found in various locations. Not essential, just flavor in response to the synod.
 - Depending on vote results, Tak'Kan has a sanctification team in the Wilds.
 - Also potentially a new location in Tak'Kan.
 - A foreign succubus captured during the Gathering shows up then and later in Gasm Falls.
Minor changes
 - Usual typos and minor improvements.
 - Synod: Slight balance change to Esmera's deal.
 - Small lore addition giving Sarai a formal title.
 - Xerces coloration standardized thanks to Decanter.
 - Retroactive: Lady Entila now has a faceset and her conversation has been modified to use multiple expressions.

There was a whole lot of tweaking in this one, plus I spent the two weeks of beta testing adding some more conversations, events, and scenes. I hope the result is enjoyable and makes it rewarding to revisit old locations.

Barring an unnoticed error or serious new issue, this is the final synod balance. Doing such a complex segment was quite an endeavor, but I hope it's a satisfying climax to a lot of the social elements.

Following this release will be the Steam release and some special events, so please look forward to those! The next TLS update will come after those and will get back to some recent plot points, moving us closer to the end of chapter four.