Monday, May 11, 2015

Version 0.8.0 Changelog

Since version 0.8.0 was effectively a revamp in addition to being a new chapter of the game, I put the complete list of all changes here:

Major Changes
 - Yarra has been redesigned with a major art upgrade.
 - Hilstara and Carina also got art upgrades (increased emotional range and new profile image, respectively).
 - I dropped some money on new tiles, NPCs, and other resources. I want each country to have a different look and feel (as you've probably noticed, I used Mack tiles for Yhilin) and now I should be able to distinguish all of them.
 - A character I planned to introduce later now appears in the prologue. You'll also see some new graphics there, which will be relevant far down the road.

 - Game now has a custom title screen and chapter titles.
 - The game now uses custom menus. Nothing fancy, but I think it matches the feel of the game better.
 - Talking to harem members in camp now produces a fancy popup with their information instead of using a text box.
 - Formerly generic NPCs like Ina, Lucy, Kara, and Orcent now have unique sprites and facesets.
 - The shade of Varia's sprite now matches her bust/faceset.
 - A few new facesets now match characters better (for example, succubus leaders no longer use lamia faces).
 - I also gave the Zirantian prostitute and the Givini characters proper non-generator facesets.
 - When traveling on map screens, you now have a movement cursor instead of a normal sprite.
 - Finally got a fog system figured out: maps can now have clouds, fogs, sunlight, and probably many other things. The ones I have may require some tweaking, but I think they make several areas look nicer.
 - Similarly, I'm making better use of VX Ace's weather effects. They don't feel appropriate for too many areas so far, but feel free to leave feedback on this.
 - Did a little remapping to areas that were bland or to make better use of my new tilesets.
 - Massively increased the iconset. This means that all sex skills now have appropriate icons (and some have improved ones). I also changed up some item icons to standardize things (like normal vs heavy armor) and made miscellaneous improvements.

 - We have music that is, if not custom, at least non-default. I'm not going to add what I have recklessly, since it will balloon the file size, but I'll be including new songs as they're needed for added variety.
 - One of those is a new theme song that isn't so heavily used. Hopefully everyone likes it or lets it grow on them, because I really like the feel of it.
 - Battle music now varies. Bosses have a different theme, there's sadder music when you're forced to fight a certain ally, etc.

 - Yarra now presides over a harem management system. Right now it doesn't have a lot of functionality, but it lets you see everyone's profile shots again and keep track of people.
 - There's a quest log system to keep track of all plot and side quests.
 - Sex skills rebalanced, preventing the method that was making combat grindy for some people.
 - Shops now display more information about equipment so purchasing decisions are easier.
 - The text box toggles on and off when you press the Control key.
 - The giver of the mushroom sidequest now takes your mushrooms more efficiently.
 - There's a new battle during the early part of the plot.
 - Robin and Hilstara's exp in Stineford changed slightly. You can still optimize experience, but they won't be as far behind if you get them very late.
 - There are now items that restore SP in combat.
 - New slime enemies provide an optional chance to grind for items.
 - Lots of little notes: Robin/Hilstara comment more in Stineford, story dialogue changes slightly based on optional stuff, etc.
 - Minor balance changes. There's slightly more exp, money, affection points, items, and unique collectibles available than in previous versions.
 - Bunch of minor cosmetic things fixed/improved.

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  1. - There's a quest log system to keep track of all plot and side quests.

    That's great! It's going to be easier to keep track of them (specially for people lackadaisical, [I just learned this word and II love it], like me).