Friday, May 27, 2022

TLS 0.61.0 Released!

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TLS 0.61.0

- New complete harem quest, beginning in Megail's office in the base.

- Half a new Philon quest. You can fully explore some new maps and a new dungeon, just not complete the event.

- You can now visit new maps in the Renthnor Wilds. This means that the teleportation chamber is now 100% unlocked.

- New Simon/Orcent bar conversation.

- All maps in Rodak have been given new custom assets to make the nation more memorable.

- By user request, there is now an event in the orc quarters where you can change the equipment of orc party members.

- The Amulet of Alchemy, Twisted Charm, and Sexual Charm can now all be upgraded at the Enchantery (in Ghenalon).

- If you spared the lamias, one now appears in Gasm Falls.

- New details will appear in the base when a nation advances far enough. Expect more of these in the future.

- All variable timing sex scenes are now either blocked by Simon's condition or have special dialogue and grant a bonus point.

- Though on that note, the variable for Simon's recovery has increased from its temporary variable. Using a save from the previous build will have no ill effects, this is just the pacing I want for the final game (pending tweaks).

- If the player didn't finish Tanurak's optional challenge before the end of the war, the quest is now properly removed.

- There were previously 18 places where a character who had maxed relationship points could be temporarily reduced. While the chance of this having a negative impact was low, it was a possible edge case. Thanks to DukeLeto7's list, I've eliminated all of these.

- All erroneous Trin lines should be corrected, again thanks to DukeLeto7 for tracking them down.

- 6 new illustrated scenes: Carina Missionary, Hilstara 69, Sabitha Mammal Pile, Trin Titfuck, Uyae Blowjob, Wynn Halfling

- In addition to those, there are several variants of a new image to illustrate Simon and Orcent's bar crawl.

- And, believe it or not, assorted bugfixing and polishing not mentioned above.

Originally I had wanted to have a massive update following OEA, but personal issues have made that more difficult. I felt it was best for overall progress to put out an update now, finishing up everything I had done to this point. I didn't finish an enormous amount of content while focused on OEA, but I was working on the game. So this update is both some assorted content and a lot of backlogged complaints or requests I pushed through.

This one will likely go public in a week, though I can't guarantee that.


  1. YESS!!!! Finaly! Thanks a lot!! Excelent work!!

  2. Thanks you for this update, i hope that yours personal problems are solved if not they are the priority so don't worry for been late everyone here knows that Sierra Lee provides. So good luck.

  3. what i realize was if players have multiple saves files and don't delete them when they get out of the prison some items weapons armor and key items get adds and remove from the inventory at random saves files. wondering how i know this because i have multiple save files i restart this game multiple times 10 or more i don't know my current steam count hours of playtime is 2,334.5 hours ^_^ i love this game that much and the creators.

    1. This is a known bug built into the script that manages the inventories, unfortunately. I hope to have it fixed eventually, but it hasn't been possible up to this point. The current solution is to never load other saves while doing the Incubus Prison.

      I'm glad that you've enjoyed TLS so much!

  4. Sabitha's Mammal Pile is my favourite scene in the entire game, it is just so adorable. I've very excited that its got its CG.

    1. I'm glad. ^-^ I had a lot of fun writing that one, and I hope you'll like the direction we took in the art.