Friday, April 16, 2021

TLS 0.56.0 Released!

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TLS 0.56.0

 - New event resolving New Givini and gaining a new harem member.

 - The Palace Staff quest can now be completed. One new staff member added.

 - Iris has her harem quest if maxed (found in Helvanna).

 - After talking to Riala, there are three new challenge bosses throughout the world.

 - Purely flavor: Robin's former roommates have more events after the Third Arclentian War. Mherin can now be found in Stineford. It's possible for Infasis to die in the fighting, otherwise she's in the Academy.

 - If Feroholm or the Stineford Farm were rebuilt, they now have new background music.

 - New conversation between Esthera and Tertia potentially unlocked (variable dependent).

 - Five new sex scenes.

 - 14 new illustrated scenes: Esthera Cunnilingus, Fheliel Blindfolded, Nalili First Time, Nalili Titfuck, Nalili Double Team, Neranda Seated, Orcent x Kara, Restoring Sabitha, Sabitha's POV, Serving the Empress 1-3, Trin x Altina, Trin + Qum

 - 1 new SFW scene, for a chapter interlude.

This is one of those updates where a fair amount of the content is locked behind variables/results, but in this case, much of it can be seen by everyone (just requiring some tradeoffs). The intended heart of the update is the set of events finishing off New Givini's subplot, but Iris also has her harem quest that will send you all over the world, and I included some other random things as well. There's also a lot of new art in this one, due to the timing.

Should go public in a week, I think.


  1. Yeaaa boooiiiii time to spitroast best princess with best empress milf~<3
    And maybe find a broom along the way

  2. "You can now resolve New Givini and gain a harem member"
    We're coming to save you, Elleani!!!!
    But clearly, for a poor damsel in distress, you stretched the rescue time as long as it was possible, right Sierra ? XD

    1. It could have been longer! There's still a little more game left!

      But yes, I like reaching these payoffs. ^-^

  3. Been so looking forward to the day we got to welcome Elleani into the harem :D I am sure Yarra will be ecstatic :P

  4. Thanks for the release!
    Time to do another run just to save Infasis... ^^'

  5. Hey Sierra, I don't know if it will still be present in the new update, but I think I found a bug related to double dealing with Esmera and Kerannii during the Council of Gawnfall.

    Even if you deceive Kerannii and make a deal with both her and Esmera, she will still give Simon all the benefits of her deal during later issues (Tak'kan vote, Fucklord vote, purity standards vote, Eustrin minor issues vote, and big help during the Eustrin independence conference) as if Simon had been completely honest and honorable in his dealings with her, even though she appears to be absolutely livid with him if you talk with her after the Church Unity vote where she finds out about the double dealing.

    I looked at the files, and it seems the bug happens because the switch #3000 [Kerannii Deal] never gets toggled off even after the double deal is revealed, but later events seem to assume that if that switch is still on, then Simon must have chosen to only deal with Kerannii and never betrayed her trust. I believe that if the [Kerannii Deal] switch is toggled off at the same time the switch #3028 [Double Dealing] is toggled on, in event 011:Unity Intro in map 602:Main Chamber, then the bug should be fixed.

    1. This does sound like a bug, but I'm afraid to make any more changes close to a release. With the release cycle I'm concerned I'm going to forget, but if someone can send me the exact locations of the issue, I'll try to get it fixed for the future.

    2. Source of the bug:
      Map - 602:Main Chamber (17: Council of Gawnfall -> Gawnfall Memorial Chambers -> Main Chamber)
      Event - 011:Unity Intro. Position in the map: (002,000). Event page: 1

      Description of the bug: About halfway through the event's page there is a nested conditional (if Esmera Deal is ON > if Kerannii Deal is ON), if both conditionals are passed, the [Double Deal] switch is flipped ON, but the [Kerannii Deal] switch is not flipped OFF, causing unintended behavior in later parts of the game.

      Nature of the unintended behavior:
      Because [Double Deal] is ON, Kerannii will have very unfriendly dialogue if talked to in her chambers after the Unity Vote (Map:600 High Priestess Chambers - Event:004 Kerannii - Position in the map [026,007] - Page: 4 & 6), but despite her chastisement and the relationship being seemingly severed, because [Kerannii Deal] is not toggled OFF, she will still strongly favor Simon in future parts of the game identically to how she behaves if Simon had only dealt with her.

      Examples of the unintended behavior:
      Tak'kan vote (Map:602 Main Chamber - Event:021 Tak'Kan Vote - Position in the map [001,002] - Page: 1)
      Fucklord vote (Map:602 Main Chamber - Event:026 Fucklord Vote - Position in the map [000,003] - Page: 1)
      Minor Issues (Map:600 High Priestess Chambers - Event:004 Kerannii - Position in the map [026,007] - Page: 9)
      Eustrin Conference (Map:646 Aramite Conference Room - Event:006 Kerannii - Position in the map [019,009] - Page: 1)

      I hope this helps, thanks for the hard work you put in the game!

    3. Hey, it took me a really long time to get to this, but I did act on it. As you said, it seems that just turning off her switch will resolve things without causing any new problems. Thanks for identifying the specific event!

  6. Anticipation is killing me, although I am a bit worried about how exactly Elleani's situation is going to be resolved. We already completed both non-combat and ruler harem. The only one left is other, and none of it's members are exactly... normal. I sense Tower/Tanurak shenanigans. He's already interfered with New Givini after all.

    1. I can and will shuffle that list around, but you'll find out soon!