Friday, December 9, 2016

TLS 0.22.0 Released!

New update for patrons! Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

Version 0.22.0
 - New iteration of Ari-Yhilina! New quests and conversations, plus new chances to access content that was blocked for your save before this point.
 - Three new sex scenes.
 - Reworked system for Robin's research. Nothing has changed for old saves, but it'll be better for managing the expanded choices you might be getting soon.
 - Multiple sidequests weren't being marked finished or failed at the appropriate times; I believe I have this mostly straightened out. The quest journal in new saves should be clean. 
 - Full screen mode now available! Press F5 to try it out.
 - Due to popular demand, there is now an event in the waiting room that will let you check everyone's relationship points.

Compared to the average update, a lot more of the content this time is potentially locked away. That's because this time I tried to do the majority of all future Yhilin updates. There will still be unique events, like the Church quest this time, but hopefully in the future I won't need to spend an entire update cycle on Yhilin, it will just be included with another update.

One of the major pieces of that is the discretionary budget stuff. Though they might not be unlocked for your save, every possible investment for chapter three is now available. By the end of the chapter you'll be able to afford many... but not all, of course. ^-^

Public release will be coming in a week, like usual. Until then, if you didn't already see it on Patreon, enjoy this fanart a backer commissioned of Simon and Yarra!


  1. Hi there Sierra!
    Superb work as always, almost perfect. Almost, because I just found a bug that "breaks" the game ^^U
    If you travel to the Rose District, a converstation pops up between Yarra and a kinda dark elf woman, and loops endlessly with her last sentences, and effectively traps you without option to end the chat and move on, forcing to reset the game.

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it!

      I have the bug fixed for 0.22.1 - while I appreciate all bug reports, please do use Patreon. The latest bug reports are there, as well as any commentary necessary about fixes.

    2. Ops, sorry about that. Will take note in the future.
      Some of the conversations in this update are just pure gold, keep it up ;)

  2. Heya Sierra! Thanks for the update and your hard work as always! I might not be a patron but I bought the commercial version of Ouroboros on Nutaku to show my support somehow. I'll get around to it eventually!

  3. Hi Sierra i have found a small graphic bug, it is in the fortress where you find that big ass armour. When you go down with the rope to the closed chamber the secound coffin has stacked enemies on each other.
    your sincerely

    1. And one more when you play Aka's route, when you use that small bridge in the hideout whenever you cross it from top to the bottom Aka's head is facing other direction as it should

    2. Hello! I almost missed your comments, you may want to use the newest post:

      The first thing is actually intentional, if perhaps a little odd. Basically, I wanted players to go into the battle thinking it would be easy, then realize it was several times harder than expected because the enemies were all together.

      The second, however, is probably a bug. Can you be more specific about the bridge/hideout? Which location exactly?

  4. Ari-Yhilina Palace Tunels in Aka's rout. On the way from the trone room to Robin.