Friday, August 21, 2015

Version 0.11.0 Release

New update for patrons, but also see notes relevant to everyone at the end of this post. Version history updated, you know what to do, etc.

Version 0.11.0
 - Completed Megail's route.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Some edits and new systems (see notes).

There's a lot to do in this update, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I don't know how the sidequests will feel. I didn't want to hit players with a lot of extraneous information for minor parts of the game, but I worry that the goals may feel unclear. On the other hand, I also worry it's too easy to sweep the whole set. Let me know, anyway, and I may tweak this in the future.

This would be a good update to keep multiple saves. Nothing important is missable, but some of the sidequests are. The investments also don't make themselves all obvious at the beginning, but they're not available the entire time. This is the feel I want, story-wise, but if you're looking to optimize, save away.

I implemented a new AI system this version (many thanks to Lone Wolf). Hopefully it will make some of these fights interesting in a way you haven't seen before. There's an optional fight I intended to be rough, but I don't know how it will feel when you're going in blind. My hint: enemies that look similar do not have the same strengths and resistances.

Nothing has changed, gameplay-wise, but a previous scene has been expanded. Simon and Carina have a longer conversation now before her first scene, so if you're into characters/lore, you may want to hop back to a previous save. Nothing critical, though.

Unrelated to the game, I have only a few days of work before my job ends. I'll be clearing out a ton of business, packing, cleaning my apartment, and otherwise prepping to leave the country and move. Due to this, I cannot say with complete certainty when I'll be able to do the 0.11.1 public release, or when I can begin work on the next section.

I don't anticipate substantial delays, but I hope getting this update out before I go is a good will offering.


  1. Nice Work as Always Sierra. I just hope it comes out soon. I'll be busy on the 1st.

  2. I think I accidentally skipped both sex scenes, when are they supposed to occur?

    1. One scene can only be found by one version of Varia and is involved with one of the optional bounties. The other, however, should be unmissable (Carina at one of the campfires).

  3. You might need to repost the game at Fenoxo forums. The old webhost had shut down so a new site needed to be launched. Your old thread's not there anymore.

    1. The address for the new subforum is:

      You had to register again.

      There were a couple of tutorials by Yamemai there that were transcribed to the wiki ( Also there was a couple of images from the optional dungeon that Decanter posted there too. Sadly it was the most prolific thread but on the other hand there are other six threads (listed on the wiki for those interested).