Friday, August 28, 2015


 Hello, all! Wanted to reassure people that I didn’t die on my flight or anything. I’ll try to get to your messages and emails soon.

Jetlag has hit me pretty hard and the internet connection will be unreliable until I get a real router (stupid proprietary ISP thing). Under normal circumstances, I’d want to take a week off to recover and reorganize. But given the present situation, I don’t think that’s a good option. I’d really rather not delay a 0.11.1 that just needs a few fixes, and I don’t want any delays with Hreinn Games since we’ve only just begun to prove ourselves.

So here’s what’s going to happen. TLS 0.11.1 will come out tomorrow, or at least I hope it will. I’ve been awake a lot, often working since my body has decided not to sleep. Then a week after that, Noxus Nights 0.2.0 will come out (more on that over at Hreinn Games).

Once those are done, hopefully my circadian rhythm will be fixed enough that I can iron out my sleep cycle, get fully situated in my new apartment, etc. There may be a delay of a week or so before I start work on Aka’s route. I’m not sure how long this one will take but I’ll keep you informed. Then hopefully once it’s finished I can return to the normal schedule from here on.


  1. Oooh no comments, good. I was looking for a way to contact you privately but it seems you've kept an email out of the interwebs. Good choice. Or I'm just bad at looking. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

    Couple things to say. I LOVE your work. Now, I'm sure you get that. Heck, I'm sure you get that a lot. But truly, masterful. Ouroboros is the kind of idea that I wish I had thought of. Brilliant, innovative, a twist on the usual fantasy hero/princess RPGs. Just long enough that it didn't get too repetitive. Certainly a masterpiece.

    And your magnum opus. The Last Sovereign. I only discovered it at build 0.19 and I'm glad I hadn't before. I, like most people, prefer finished games. I could say many things about it but most of them have already been said.

    So I'll just cut to the chase. Your work is good and I would love to help you out. Alas, I can't support you on Patreon but I'm a decent writer and if, say, for one of your scenes you want a different perspective/writing style than your own I am more than happy to offer my services.

    Feel free to reply to this if you want an email or some such.

    1. Well, can't say I expected an update on this post! Nice to meet you, though, glad you've enjoyed my games so much. ^-^

      I appreciate your offer of help, but the writing is one part of the process I really love, so I wouldn't want to hire it out to anyone else. Feel free to give me an email address if there's anything else you want to discuss, but that's the situation.

    2. Shame. Seems I'll have to stick with cheering you on from the shadows. *fades once more into the background*