Saturday, June 13, 2015

Creator Spotlight: Grumby Games

Grumby's game is a rare thing among western adult games: a complete h-RPG! Grumby chose to create a complete game first and expand the middle later, which is a novel choice that maybe some of us could learn from. You may want to check it out if you're one of the people who wanted The Last Sovereign to have more direct character choices or a plot that didn't take itself nearly as seriously. ^-^ Now, I'll turn things over to Grumby:

Hi, Grumby here to talk a bit about Grumby Games and Sexual Kingdom,

Quite a few months ago I started a game with RPG Maker VX ace, it's a simple adventure type game with kind of a strange story, its still a work in progress with new adult content added roughly every month, in the next update I'll be including sex scenes with monsters and other enemies in the game.

So far there are only 3 sex scenes with ecchi type galleries, but that will be changing with future updates. The game will also start to include futa and gay sex scenes(Which are optional).

If you want to try it out you can head over to my blog and download it for free at


This is the first creator spotlight, but it doesn't have to be the last. Any other creators, if you're interested, contact me. ^^ Simple introductions are fine, but I'm up for exchanges of posts on game design, interview type things, or whatever floats your boat!


  1. Can't wait to see what the full version will be like.

  2. Going to give it a shot need more games to keep occupied ^^

  3. Its a good game so far. I'm just waiting for the next big update since that game seems to update in large chunks rather than many small updates.

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