Friday, July 17, 2015

Version 0.10.0 Release

Here we go, new update. Version history is updated, notes below, etc.

Version 0.10.0 [7/18/15]
 - New section of the game.
 - Two new plot sex scenes.
 - Three new affection sex scenes.

I have mixed feelings about this update. The plot developments turned out
just how I'd hoped, and I'm very happy with the character stuff in this
section, but not so sure about the combat balance. Some areas are fine, but one
is... more complicated. Let me explain.

I had an idea for a new mechanic would have been a really fun change of
pace, but the script I was trying to use failed me. I put some serious effort
into figuring it out with no success - this could be really time-consuming in
the end. Since literally everything else was completely ready, I decided to
redesign the dungeon around a different mechanic. Delaying the release for one
niggling problem wouldn't have felt right. I hope to fix the mechanic later,
but meanwhile let me know about the dungeon in this update since it didn't have
as much time for playtesting as the others.

In addition to that, there's a big battle sequence at the end that's
different than anything that's come before. I went back and forth about how
best to balance it, because I wanted to create the right feeling for the
section while providing a fun challenge of a slightly different sort. Not sure
if I struck the right balance or not, so let me know all your thoughts.

Once you've finished the update... you'll know that there's going to be a
poll for the $10 patrons. I won't put it up right away, let more people finish
the update first. I can't start work immediately, anyway, due to bug reports
and other business I have to take care of.

Anyway, enjoy! ^-^


  1. I downloaded this game the other day, and I must say: I am impressed! Even if you took out the adult aspect of the game, it would still make a great narrative! And I'm not even past the first chapter! Keep up the great work!

  2. Where's the dl link v0.10?

    I checked the DL links here and the latest one you have is for v.0.91

    All in all I'm looking forward to see what you have come up with next.

    1. The newest version is still out only on Patreon. You can expect to get it this weekend on the 25th. ^-^

  3. Sorry but I have no possibility to support your work. Although I can't wait for the next public release. This game is just amazing :D

    1. That's okay, I really appreciate you playing it! You won't have to wait too long now. ^^

  4. Ahh ok the then Sierra all in all keep up the good work, I knew it was a good idea to suport you with my donation, I can wait to see what kinds of insanity you have cooked up in this new release.

  5. I'm glad I have a cheat save. LOL. Yeah seems like a good update.

  6. Heyy, Sierra Lee. I really can't wait for the public release. Say, whats the benefits of being a Patreon? Especially when they give a lot of cash to u?

    1. You can find all the reward tiers on the page itself! Basically, though, at higher levels people can have some influence on the course of the game. That's about the most I feel I have to offer, so...